5 Telltale Signs that your Website Needs Updating

A lot has changed in the realm of web design over the last decade – if you had a new website built in 2006, the concepts behind it would have been flashy, innovative and unique. Leave this design unchanged and fast forward to 2016 – it is now clunky, hard to navigate, and has aged very badly!

But what are the telltale signs that are an instant giveaway that your website is in desperate need of some TLC. Here we have chosen five of the most telling signs that you should keep a look out for.

No Responsive Design

This is probably the biggest giveaway in an age where over 50% of all internet traffic is coming from either a mobile or tablet device. Your website may look great on a large computer screen, but if it doesn’t have different functionality to suit different screen sizes then you can instantly lose 25% of your clientele in the blink of an eye. This is why it is vitally important that your website is responsive to all screen sizes. It is now possible for web developers to code a single website to work on every type of platform. A non-responsive design is something that will greatly add to your bounce rate.

High Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is something that shows you how long a user stays on your website after viewing the first page. If your bounce rate is 50% that means that 50% of your web traffic leaves the site without ever navigating deeper into content. There are a number of reasons that affect your bounce rate (responsive design), but one of the key factors is the ‘information architecture’ of your website. If your website was not created with the user in mind and designed in a way that allows users to navigate intuitively from page to page, then this is likely key aspect as to why your bounce rate is suffering. You want to give the impression that the quick easy navigation of your website reflects the experience people will have when they do business with you.

Can’t Easily Make Content Updates

This is one for you – the website owners. In the past it was necessary to be an expert in HTML coding in order to update a website, leading business owners neither the time or money to keep their content up to date. Well, how things have changed! Now there are CMS (Content Management Systems) such as WordPress and Shopify that allow you to keep your website updated even without an expert knowledge in computer sciences. Updating a CMS is almost as easy as editing a Microsoft Word document – so is something that has numerous benefits and saves a lot of time. Also, if your website is easy to update, its something that you will do more often, which will leave your customers with more accurate information – something that means your site will rank higher in Google searches.

The Overall Design is Dated

This (as well as responsive design) is probably the thing that is going to be the most noticeable to users – your website is, after all, a reflection of your business. When someone is searching online, your website is often the first time they come into contact with your business, therefore leaving it to form the basis of their opinion on you. An old and amateurish website reflects badly on your business.

Some of the more noticeable signs of this include the presence of a splash page, too many colours, small imagery, and a very narrow page layout.

Probably the easiest way to compare the design of your website is by checking the websites of your competitors – all other services being equal, users will go to the site that looks the most modern and up to date.

Your Social Media Interaction

A social media presence in this day and age is rather vital to the success of your business, and as a result the majority of businesses maintain a presence in some shape or form. Your website should include links to various social media accounts in order to optimise the traffic to the page, whilst also allowing visitors to easily flip back and forth between platforms.

In 2016, having an up to date and modern website, with functionality to match, is so key to the success of your business in an era where nearly all aspects of our lives are governed by an online presence. Take a look at your website, if you spot any of the above signs, then perhaps you should start thinking about the next steps.


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