10 Shopify Apps to help boost your sales

The Shopify App store offers a wide variety of apps, many of which can add new functionality to your store and help improve your day to day tasks.

Today we will be focussing on the 10 apps that can help you to boost your online sales.

  1. Boost Sales

It would be a shame to leave this app off an article about boosting sales. The app works by triggering a pop-up that suggests additional items that could compliment a customer’s purchase. The idea is that if a customer is already prepared to make a purchase they will probably be more receptive to an upsell opportunity too.

  1. Swell

Swell allows you to easily create a reward and referral programme to encourage your customers to come back for more. These rewards can be awarded for a variety of reasons from creating a store account to following you on social media or referring friends and family.

  1. Social Login

Let your customers register and sign into your Shopify store via their favourite social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. The ease and convenience of this can encourage more signups and enables you to build better relationships with your customers thanks to the data you receive such as first names and birthdays.

  1. Gleam Competitions

Gleam allows you to create competitions that your customers can enter via predefined actions – such as signing up to your newsletter or following you on social media. Regular competitions can create a real sense of community on your store and makes the most out of the natural desire to win!

  1. Receiptful

This app allows you to customise your sales receipts with eye catching visuals and personalised branding, helping to make your Shopify store more memorable. You can also incentivise future purchases by offering redeemable discount codes along with your receipts.

  1. Exit Offers

With Exit Offers you can capitalise on the final opportunity to secure a customer’s business by displaying a pop-up when they try to leave your store. This pop-up will offer your customers a discount in exchange for their email address.

  1. ALT Text

Make the most of your stores search engine optimisation (SEO) by ensuring every image automatically receives an appropriate ALT text tag. ALT text is used by screen readers to describe images to the blind when they browse the web. A lack of ALT text is considered to be a negative SEO factor which can also hinder the appearance of your images in image based searches.

  1. McAfee SECURE

The McAfee SECURE app adds a widget to your store that verifies your website is trustworthy and safe to use. Since McAfee is a well-known and trusted brand, your customers are more likely to extend the same trust to you when making a payment via your store.

  1. Yotpo Reviews

Online reviews can make a big difference in influencing your customers to carry out a purchase. The Yotpo Reviews app will automatically email your customers and ask them to review their most recent purchase. The customer can respond to this email with their feedback and the review will be added directly to the relevant product page.

  1. Back In Stock

It can be frustrating for your customers to see an item out of stock, especially when there is no indication as to when the item may be available again. With the Back In Stock App, you can allow your customer to pre-order out of stock items and notify them once the item is available.

Bonus mention: Mail Bot

This app is worth a mention to help remove the headache of creating regular email newsletters and setting up scheduling. The app does this by allowing you to create a library of subject lines, body texts and rules to generate various types of email newsletters. These newsletters can be personalised per customer, even taking into account their individual activity on your store.

Do you have any Shopify app suggestions?

If you think we’ve missed an app that’s worth mentioning in this list then let us know!

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