5 Ways to Increase Repeat Orders from your Online Store

If you’ve already got people buying from your online store then you’ve already won half of the battle. The next step though is to encourage those same customers to come back for more.

Thankfully doing so is easier than you might think and starts with the following 5 steps below.

1. Offer Free Shipping

How many times have you been lured onto a website by a special offer only to discover that you have to pay above the odds for delivery of your bargain items?

There is no way to sugar coat it, shipping costs are a conversion killer and in an internet filled with alternative choices, you need to remain competitive.

Cutting shipping costs is a great way to offer a memorable experience to your customers, making it far more likely that they will return again for more.

Interestingly the offer of free shipping can actually encourage your customers to spend more in their baskets too, helping to recoup any potential losses suffered from removing shipping charges.

Free shipping costs can also be further mitigated by offering an additional express shipping option at a premium.

2. Encourage Customers to Register

Once a customer has registered their details, you can then keep them updated with special offers and bulletins about new products via text alerts, newsletters and even direct mail.

The best way to encourage customer registration is by offering an incentive, such as a first time buyer discount, saved payment details for speedier purchases or the option to accumulate loyalty points.

3. Follow Up Abandoned Shopping Carts

Often customers will fill their shopping basket with goodies then get distracted by EastEnders or simply change their mind entirely.

If you have the customer’s details via prior registration you could send them a friendly reminder about the contents of their shopping basket, hopefully triggering them to return and complete the purchase.

Even without the customers details you could potentially preserve the contents of their shopping basket for when they next return.

Further incentives to complete purchases could include offering a small discount to customers willing to complete their purchases – however be wary of customers catching onto this option and intentionally waiting for the discount.

4. Recommend Related Products

Once a customer has purchased an item you have the option to email them with recommended products based on their original purchase – this could include related items or even items that enhance their original product.

If you don’t have the customers details to hand you could instead display a ‘customers who bought this item also bought the following items’ section on the purchase confirmation screen.

This is especially powerful if you offer the convenient option to purchase these items on the spot without having to re-enter payment and delivery details.

5. Get the Delivery Right

Almost everyone has a horror story about a parcel going missing or items arriving that don’t match the original description.

These stories are memorable and will often be the first thing people remember when they describe the company involved.

So why not be memorable for the right reasons by ensuring your delivery process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Further enhance the experience by putting effort into your packaging, such as including personalised delivery notes or discount codes for future purchases.

So What is the Takeaway Here?

Repeat orders are best encouraged by being memorable to your customers and communicating with them in the right way. If you can further enhance this by offering great value and convenience then your customers have every reason to return again and again.


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