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Diffusion Digital has had the pleasure of working with some phenomenal charities whose work continues to help people all around the globe. From exploratory hackathons with UNICEF and Nordoff Robbins, campaign websites for Grow Africa, to full web builds with the likes of The Savitri Trust and Primary Advantage.

Making a difference regardless of what sector we work in is at the core of our modus operandi (well there are a few exceptions), and working with charities who live and breath these ideals is a truly humbling experience and one which helps shape our core values as individuals as well as collectively as an agency. Please read on to see some of our case studies as well as what makes us a suitable agency to partner with.

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Each charity has a very specific identity and unique set of core values and targets. It's our job to harness these into the digital platform that propels them to the forefront





With every charity comes a unique and often humbling story. These need to come across clearly to the user and drive them to what to weigh in and make a difference





Raising money, for whatever cause, is at the epicentre of every charity and the website should entice people visitor to make a difference by donating, whether that is time or money





Raising awareness is essential to achieving goals. Through SEO and social campaigns we'll deliver the message to as many people as possible

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Third Sector Web Design


Savitri Trust

Working with some of the poorist communities across the world, the Savitri Trust seeks to inform and educate people and bring light to some of the worlds biggest issues

As the Savitri Trust works across several different specialism, from education to eye care, it was important that the website was designed to allow easy navigation across the site whilst ensuring that the stories jumped off the page.

Savitri Trust

Storytelling is critical to delivering the message and provoke people’s emotions hopefully leading to them to convert. This being the case it was important that there was an engaging flow through the page and most importantly, people know where to donate

Charity web design is a tough field because you don’t want to come across too pushy. The animations are subtle and bring the pages to life and the donate buttons remains clear to all no matter where they are on the website


Primary Advantage

Whilst not a charity, Primary Advantage has created an innovative solution to try and mitigate against the constant battle education in the UK faces. This group of schools pool resources and expertise to ensure the best standards of education is delivered to its pupils

It was important to make the website accessible to all ages, for this reason the design incorporates two areas of the website, one side for kids, the other parents. Both sides maintain the overall look and feel of the website, however cater to very different personalities. Follow the link below for the kids area

Primary Advantage

Owing to the diverse audience that use the website it was important to make it intuitive and easy to navigate. Parents and pupils can easily find all of the information that is relevant to them and as a result of the engaging animations, time spent on the site has increased

Diffusion Digital feel privileged to have experience working in the Charity and Education web design sector and we’d love to talk to anyone looking at building traffic and engagement online


Uniceff & Nordoff Robbins Hackathon

Uniceff and Nordoff Robbins gave Matter Of Form, Diffusion’s parent agency, 24 hours to deal with some of the pain points within some of their active campaigns. The hackathon was designed to test the ingenuity of the agency in order to deal with real problems in an actionable, albeit time constrained way

Each charity had two teams, each made up of developers, designers and strategists, in order to attempt to deliver a strategy, design and prototype that addressed some of the core issues of each charity.

what makes
a good charity

As an experienced charity website design and development agency, based in London, we have significant experience in knowing what works for each of our different clients, and respect that everyone has a different story and a different goal

Most importantly, the story has to capture the emotions of the visitor. Whilst the story is your job, telling it in a creative and engaging way is ours and we’ll help you find the balance between imagery, video and text so as to not overwhelm people.

Secondly there must be easy routes to conversion. These conversion points must also be disruptive and triggered at the height of the users engagement so as to maximise the chance of them working.

There are many details that define good charity web design, and we’d be happy to discuss them further online.

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our promise
to you

Over the years working across a number of different sectors, including charity website design, we have learnt that understanding the client’s work is essential to achieving strong results when we deliver the website

By developing a clear understanding of what our clients do, we are fully prepared to design a website that will lift the service or product off the page, not only encouraging engagement, but also return visits.

Diffusion is fortunate to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and we remain on-hand to help with any and all digital issues our clients face down the line.

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frequently asked questions

Do you work with charities outside the UK?

Diffusion Digital is fortunate enough to have worked with charities across the world without time-zones being an issue. Our parent company, Matter Of Form Group, has offices in New York as well as Hong Kong so if needs be there is always someone on hand

Do you do search engine optimisation for charity websites?

All of the websites that we build are built with best SEO practices in mind so that should it become necessary, an ongoing content and SEO campaign will be easily implementable.

Is SEO important in the charity sector?

SEO has the best return on investment of all digital marketing strategies across all sectors. Given the limited budgets that charities are faced with, it is essential that costs are kept down and the maximum number of people are reached – so yes, SOE

Why is charity web design different to other sectors?

Charity is more focused on a story than a tangible product and therefore the website must be optimised to accommodate this in order to get the message across to the viewer

Do you only build on Wordpress and Shopify?

Diffusion Digital is part of the wider Matter of Form Group and between the group agencies, including FORM Commerce, we specialise in enterprise level platforms as well as those that are more suitable for SMEs like Shopify and WordPress

Is Wordpress a good platform for a corporate website?

WordPress is often the best option for a corporate website because they are so content rich and rarely require an eCommerce element – however this can be added if necessary. As WordPress is open source we are able to build sites that truly bring the business to life online.

How much does it cost to build a charity website?

Every website differs in functionality and content, and therefore price. All that we can guarantee is that you get value for money.

How long does it take to design and develop a charity website?

Depending on the size of the site between 2-5 months. Time also depends on the amount of assets already in place and where the responsibility for producing these assets, like images and copy, lies.

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