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Diffusion Digital is a leading Financial and Corporate Web Design Company based in the heart of Europe's financial heart, London. So many financial services and corporate businesses are stuck in the 1800s. Things need to change. We help companies bridge the gap from traditional to progressive in order to nurture the hard earned trust they have built with their clients, whilst demonstrating individuality and forward-thinking.

Every financial or corporate institution has its own modos operandi and now more than ever, trust and transparency is at the core. Diffusion Digital designs and develops corporate websites that bring our clients out of the dark ages and into the modern digital world, all the time staying true to the values of each company. All this demonstrates to our clients' clients, that they are dynamic and can keep up in the ever more competitive digital world.

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A website should evoke a sense of stability and help build trust between business and client providing a strong sustainable digital foundation





Clean, intuitive design throughout and an easy navigation structure will help the user experience and underline the quality of the website as a whole





Customer satisfaction is key to building an on-going relationship, especially when money is at stake. Information, from white-papers to about us pages must be easily found





Growth is at the centre of almost every financial model and a website should be no different. Our websites are built to scale alongside the business

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Somerset Capital Management

As an investment management firm, specialising in global emerging markets, Somerset Capital Management wanted a website that gave the sense of stability despite the turbulent markets in which they work

The key to this website was to bring clarity to the forefront. Whilst the markets that Somerset CM works in are uncertain, we needed to ensure any information the user needed, from about us pages to investment strategies, was easy to find

Explore the somersetcm website in the mobile mockup at the bottom of the page

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Somerset Capital Management

Whilst on the surface the website is simple, Diffusion Digital brought each page to life by adding small animations and and clever interactions that encourages the user to move through the site.”

When it comes to corporate web development in general, subtlety is essential. Users don’t want anything to punchy – unless it’s Stratton Oakmont, instead the ‘warm hug’ approach is favourable – basically making the user feel comfortable on the site, building trust and ultimately encouraging them to get in touch.


Somerset Capital Management

One of the most visited pages on an investment company or corporate website is the ‘our people’ page. People want to see who is going to be advising them and ultimately handling their hard earned money.

It is therefore essential to have tema pages that again clearly outline the structure of the company whilst also relaying enough information about each individual to, once again, build up the trust around the expertise of the company in the sector they are working in.

Somerset Capital Management

The success of corporate web design relies on finding the correct balance between evocative imagery and great copy. It is easy to get lost in financial jargon and this can be a big turn-off to potential investors. However at the same time the copy must demonstrate professionalism and expertise

As with the copy, imagery must be relevant and attempt to reflect both the company and the markets in which it works. When it comes to emerging markets this can be a tricky balance to strike, as well as finding the correct size and placement. Imagery is one of the most important parts of corporate web design.


Slater Investments

As a leading financial services digital agency, Diffusion Digital was tasked by Slater Investments to refresh their outdated website, whilst maintaining their strong identity that is at the core of all of their messaging: “Our ability is your stability”

Wishing to maintain the colour palate that is drawn from their coat of arms, our task was to try and incorporate these colours into the design without them conflicting. With such a bold palate this was no easy task however the final result, whilst bold, is a reflection of their brand and business.

Slater Investments

Once again, the team page is essential to building trust around expertise. In this case we agreed to make the page quite flat by making all of the profile pictures black and white until a mouse hovers over them and them, at which point colour gently fades in. Whilst simple, this small detail bring the page to life

Slater investments have an enormous amount of white-papers, documents and factsheets that must be easy for the user to find. This was a challenge to both the design team and development because making these content rich pages palatable was a huge challenge, overcome by each button having its own subtle yet engaging animation

what makes
a good corporate

A web design takes into account the core values of the industry the website is for. So in the case of corporate web design, trust, transparency and expertise are at the forefront of design thinking throughout a project

As with all businesses, clients must be put front and centre, especially when they are looking to invest their money in your product or service. This applies to design, structure and most of all; content. When it comes to investment especially, the content of a website should bring the expertise and competence of the business to the forefront.

By delivering testimonials and case-studies to visitors fairly early on in the users journey through the website, brands can enhance the interest of the user and ultimately encourage them to engage.

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to you

Over the years we have carved out a niche as leaders in financial and corporate web design. We recognise the importance of bringing each businesses values to the forefront to help build a relationship with each interested party.

We truly understand that each company has its own unique approach and values that need tapping into in order to deliver them a first rate website that allows them to stand out in an ever more complicated marketplace.

People often think financial and corporate website design is dull and generally reflects the corporate business that it’s there to present. This should not be the case. Every business, no matter how dry the content, has a character and it is our job as specialist to bring that character to life through bespoke design and development.

Our approach as leaders in our field, and given one of our core values being ‘humble yet forthright’, we will bring life to your digital image.

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frequently asked questions

Do you work with businesses in other countries?

Diffusion Digital has works with a variety of brands and businesses all over the world. As part of the wider Matter Of Form Group we have offices in London, New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

Do you do search engine optimisation for corporate sites?

Every website we build is built to the highest SEO standards so that should the client wish to start an SEO or content marketing campaign after the launch, they are well positioned to do so

Is SEO important in the corporate sector?

SEO is important across every sector if you want to reach an audience who isn’t necessarily familiar with the brand. By targeting relevant keywords brands can increase their visibility and ultimately reach a more engaged and relevant audience

Why is corporate web design different to other sectors?

Simply put, corporate sectors tend to have a large amount of quite dry content. It is our job to elevate the designs and lift this content off the page, without jeopardising the message or value of that page

Do you only build on Wordpress and Shopify?

Diffusion Digital specialises in WordPress and Shopify. However Diffusion is part of the wider Matter of Form Group who deal with brand strategy and are also experts on platforms such as Magento and Kentico.

Is Wordpress a good platform for a corporate website?

WordPress is often the best option for a corporate website because they are so content rich and rarely require an eCommerce element – however this can be added if necessary. As WordPress is open source we are able to build sites that truly bring the business to life online.

How much does it cost to build a website?

Prices vary depending on the level of functionality and design required. Typically our prices range between 15k and 60k, with digital marketing pages available on top of that.

How long does it take to build a corporate websites?

Time depends on a number of factors and every web build is different. However, on average, from discovery through design and into development, each project takes between 3-4 months.

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