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We're a full-service digital design, development and strategy agency who over the past few years have carved out a small niche in the luxury property world. Alongside our sister agency, Matter of Form, we have built websites for real-estate agents across the globe.

As property web design experts, we understand the importance of being able to integrate a variety of different functionality, such as complex property management systems, into a website whilst maintaining the look and feel that fits with the brand and encourages the customer to engage.

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Whilst conversion might not take place through a property website, lead generation does and so it's important that user experience engages visitors and helps them easily navigate the site





Design should reflect the core values of the estate agent and should serve to reassure and cement the brand's reputation as experts in their field





Large retail websites often require complicated CRM and portfolio management integrations. We specialise in building websites that are easy for our clients to work with





Customising the customer journey to create a bespoke experience and ensure they are shown the most relevant properties to them, is an essential part of retail web design success

Diffusion Digital's
Real Estate Agent Websites


Blue Square

It is very rare that users will visit a site and find the property they are looking for on their first visit. The reality is that people browse over months, if not years, so enabling them to save their favourite properties, and even provide them with updates on the status of whether it is under offer or sold is providing a service that will bring users back to the site again and again ultimately covert through the brand.

Fundamentally it is an extension of customer service and as we all know, especially in property, “the sole reason [we] are in business is to make life less difficult for our customers”

Blue Square

This might seem obvious but imagery is such a crucial part of a property website. The details and spec of each property, of course, must be easy to find, but ultimately what draws customers in are the images. By animating the images so that they are brought off the screen and draw in the customer’s eye, they are more likely to spend more time browsing your site.

Combined with artificial intelligence that recognises what sort of properties the user is looking at and displays similar ones, you will keep the user on the site for longer and ultimately increase your chance of them converting with you.


Vesper Homes

Vesper Homes came to the table wanting to become British leaders in the luxury property rental market and for this, they required a website that was not only clear and authoritive but also easy to use yet flexible to the customers needs. 

The property rental space, in particular, is increasingly competitive and the importance of getting the brand/business off the ground in a positive way, it was important to make sure that they had the right platform or foundation on which to do so.

Vesper Homes

A key part of this real estate web design was to make navigation as easy as possible whilst also improving the customer experience. This is reflected in the brand’s ethos whose “streamlined business model offers clients significantly lower fees whilst also enhancing the landlord and tenant experience.

From finalising the colour palette to design the property listings and details pages, it was Diffusion’s aim to make the site as engaging as possible to ensure repeat custom because, especially in high stakes sectors like property, customers are unlikely to convert on their first visit making it a priority to try and coax them back.


Vesper Homes

Throughout the website we introduced subtle animations that help lift the various modules off the page, creating a m0re engaging experience whilst improving the chances of the user spending time on this site, and not that of a competitor, as they move through the conversion funnel.

As there are so many different stages of conversion when it comes to buying a house, it is important to ensure that the website is seamlessly responsive across all devices to ensure there will not be any negative experiences left in the client’s mind when they leave the site. Explore the mobile responsiveness of our websites on the screen at the bottom of the page

Vesper Homes

Studies show that when people are near the point of purchase, they revisit the property spec pages of the website several times a day across several different devices making it especially important for property websites to be fully responsive.

Furthermore, a trend we’re increasingly seeing is the ability for the customer to view their saved pages offline as well as online so that they are able to access their portfolio whilst on the move.

what makes
estate agent

There are a number of critical factors to take into account when building a real estate website. Ultimately the aim is to make the property stand out on the page in such a way that encourages the user to find out more by either calling or leaving their contact details

On most property websites it is unlikely people are going to convert online given the amount of money at stake. This being the case it is important to ensure that potential clients can save a list of the favourite properties so that they can easily find them when they return to the site.

There is nothing more annoying for a potential customer than making an enquiry about a property that has already been let/sold. It is therefore important to ensure that the correct property management systems are implemented on the site. Not only will this make the website easier to manage in regard to adding/removing properties, but it can also help keep track of where abouts certain clients are down the sales funnel.


estate agent website example

our promise
to you

Diffusion will work closely with every brand to establish what sets them apart from their competitors, what their KPIs are and how these can be brought to life in the digital world through engaging yet intuitive property web design.

As experts in the real estate web design and development sector, we keep up to date with all of the latest trends within the sector, whether that be what are the best Customer Relations or Property Management systems, or design trends or even marketing trends.

Diffusion is a full-service agency meaning we can work with our clients before, during and after the launch of a website. This allows us to form strong bonds with them and we take enormous pride in their success because, and not wanting to blow one’s own trumpet, a large part of success comes down to exceptional web design and development.

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frequently asked questions

How does estate agent web design differ from others?

As you’d expect with the interior of shops, each design is based upon the products or services that are on offer. In the case of estate agent web design, it is as much about selling an idea as a physical property. Visitors to the site need to be drawn in and engaged on a level that they feel comfortable being there – ultimately leading to them picking up the phone or booking an enquiry

How much does estate agent website design cost?

Each website is different in terms of number of properties, number of images, type of media etc etc. Therefore budgets vary a lot. Generally speaking Diffusion’s website range from 15k-100k

Do you do SEO for real estate websites?

SEO is important regardless of what sector you work in. In terms of property it is about technically making sure the website is optimised to best SEO practices, as well as creating engaging content that brings to the forefront the hero properties. Also, in the hyper-competitive world of property, building up your brand’s awareness is essential to reaching new customers and staying ahead of competitors

What is Diffusion Digital's experience in property

Diffusion Digital has worked on a number of global projects delivering bespoke websites to estate agents. Coupled with our sister agency’s, Matter of Form, experience working in the luxury retail and hotel sector – we have extensive experience in UX, design, development and SEO

How long does it take to build a real estate website?

This really comes down to a number of factors, not least: Number of properties, specialist integration, imagery and animations. Generally speaking Diffusion Digital work to a 3-6 month turn around

Are Diffusion Digital's teams all in-house?

Diffusion Digital is a part of the wider Matter of Form Group. Within the group, MOF is a full-service agency, each part having its own specialism. If projects require shared resources we are able to dip into the expertise of our sister agency;s resources

How quickly do trends within web development change?

Every three to four years you’ll notice new features appearing on other peoples websites. At Diffusion Digital and MOF Group, we bring a highly innovative approach to web design and development. As such we produce websites that are leading the way in terms of design and functionality. This said we build our websites with a flexible approach meaning they can be added to and amended once they have been launched.

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