Boost conversion with the personalised search tool
How Klevu Can Change Your eCommerce Experience

By Gabby Coughlan


Do you ever find yourself searching for something in a store online, yet no matter what keywords you type in, your search results just aren’t doing it for you?

I’m sure the majority of you reading this have experienced this frustration and thought “if only the search bar could understand what I’m looking for…”

Enter Klevu.

Klevu is an AI powered search integration tool, which incorporates a range of features to help consumers find exactly what they want when they search.

We had the honour of meeting Klevu’s UK Sales and Partnerships Manager, Claudia Ditriwho, who shed some light on their personalised search integration.

As a full-service digital agency, we were deeply impressed by the opportunities and competitive advantage Klevu provides for online retailers, so we thought we’d share what we learnt with you here.


What exactly does Klevu do?


Let’s explore some of Klevu’s core, and exactly they help to improve conversion, UX and the overall functionality of search for e-Commerce stores.


1. Machine Learning


Klevu’s search offering uses machine learning to monitor consumer behaviour i.e. what are users searching for to generate optimal search results that fulfil specific user needs.

Not only does this improve the user journey, but it’s also a great way for e-Commerce retailers to promote certain products or areas of their site. For example, a fashion retailer such as Zimmermann have invested in Klevu to integrate a ‘popular search’ dropdown that appears when the user first clicks on the search bar:


zimmermann ecommerce website personalised search suggestions


That said, Klevu is a very effective way of giving online merchants the opportunity to showcase a certain range of products to their everyday consumer through suggestions, which has been found to boost conversion rates.



2. It’s customisable


Another amazing thing about Klevu is its customisable search results page, thanks to its open CSS code. This means that the page will be aligned with the overall website brand and layout, so when the user hits ‘search’, they don’t feel like they’ve been redirected to another website with a list of their search results. This lends itself to a seamless user journey.

Klevu uses its technology to rank the products by preference of the online merchant i.e. if you want to push conversions for a particular product, Klevu can apply scores to raise its position on search results.


3. Content search results


Not only does Klevu generate search results associated with the keywords you type into the search bar, but it also pulls content relating to those keywords. For example, OSPREY (another Klevu client) suggests more than just products when you search “keyring”. The search dropdown offers suggestions relating directly to those keywords, other pages around the site that contain the same keywords, related categories, and of course the products:



osprey london search results content suggestions pages category products


4. Natural Language Processing


But that’s not all, the search tool doesn’t necessarily identify content and products that include the exact keywords you enter. Klevu uses Natural Language Processing to pull keywords that are similar to or often associated with the searched term. For example, the search results for “keyring” generate products that not only contain that specific keyword, but also products that contain similar features such as “tassels”.

Similarly, Klevu uses its intelligence to piece together broken sentences e.g. a search term such as “garden sofa” will produce search results that include synonyms to the keywords you’ve entered, such as “outdoor furniture”.


osprey keyring keyword search results bags tassel


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5. Analytics

Just as important as implementing a personalised search tool onto your online retail store, is to monitor its performance. Klevu offers analytics for its customers, which allows merchants to optimise keywords, oversee the keywords that are driving product search and conversion data. Additionally, you can integrate your Google Analytics account into Klevu, so you can manage your analytics all in one place.

So, there was a really brief summary of just a handful of Klevu’s unique features. Are you a fashion brand looking to optimise your site? Then why not check out more of what Klevu can offer you by clicking here.