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As part of the wider Matter Of Form Group, Diffusion Digital -- and the group as a whole -- has extensive experience working within the luxury web design and development sector.

From bespoke lifestyle brands to global and boutique hotel chains, our websites embody the brands that we work with. The strong partnerships that we form with these prestigious businesses mean that we are on hand long into the future to help them adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape

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Our UX teams work with the clients to establish an engaging flow from the landing page through to conversion to build trust and make the customer feel as if they were in store





Design is always at the core of a website but even more so in the luxury sector. Our designs capture, enhance and elevate the image of the brand online.





By adding clever yet subtle interactions and animations, our development process will elevate the designs, giving the page a character that reflects the brand and engages the customer.





Our digital marketing teams can now optimise the website and start driving more qualified traffic to it, through social, paid and organic channels.

Diffusion Digital's
Luxury Brand Websites


Luke Irwin

Luxury web design should revolve around the core service or products of the brand in question by bringing them to the forefront without sacrificing brand integrity.

Luke Irwin rugs quickly become the centrepiece of the rooms that they occupy and as such, they should be given similar placement on the website where often their journey starts.

Luke Irwin

Whether they’re found in a Mayfair office, a Fulham muse or a yacht bobbing around in Monaco, these carpets epitomise luxury. Coming in all shapes and sizes the website would have to show the diversity and contrast between each of these stunning rugs.

When it comes to Luxury web design and strategy, users shouldn’t be pushed through a website, they should be free to move around and browse as they see fit, whilst being gently nudged in the direction of conversion.

Luke Irwin

When it comes to beautifully designed rugs you can let the products speak for themselves and it was our job as luxury web designers, to introduce the subtle interactions and soft animations that enhance the product and lift them off the page.

Whilst simple at its heart, the subtlety and elegance of this bespoke luxury website reflects the products and the brand and provides a stunning platform that really allows each of the wonderful Luke Irwin rugs to come to life in their own particular way, despite the variety between each product.


Heaven Sake

This Franco-Japanese drinks brand is bringing together two of the most famous drink producers in the world to create a unique and pioneering blend.

Capturing the clean taste and refreshingness of Heaven Sake’s products, through a simple yet engaging design, was key for a brand with so few products.

Heaven Sake

Understanding the story is at the core of this brand and this is why the one-page layout works so well. As the user scrolls down the page they are emersed in the story before finally arriving at the product towards the bottom and from there they are gently ushered towards the checkout.

The process is subtle, smooth and memorable – much like the product itself, and visitors don’t only leave with a beautiful product, but also with an understanding of the brand and its journey until this point.

Heaven Sake

The innovative approach to this website preceded the now growing trend to have one-page websites and reflects the brand itself in that it too is, ow was, unique and trend setting. As the business grows we will strive to enhance the website so that it continues to embolden the Heaven Sake brand.

Whilst it was a bold move to go down the route of keeping everything on one page, as you scroll down through the different elements, it feels as if the site is much bigger than it actually is and this is what we feel encompasses what luxury web design should be about.

what makes
a good luxury

As a leading high-end website designer based in London, a city that helped define luxury, Diffusion Digital has developed a strong sense of what building a luxury website is. Firstly, and arguably most importantly the target demographic needs to be clearly defined so that the functionality and look of the website meets their expectations of what the brand stands for.

Simplicity is next on the list and whilst bells and whistles are occasionally appropriate, in the vast majority of cases less is more. This doesn’t mean that there is an incredible amount going on behind the scenes, but particularly in luxury and high-end web design, a clean and simple look generates the most powerful response.


our promise
to you

Luxury web design is all about reassuring the customer that what they are purchasing is the same as what they would be if they were in a brick and mortar store. They should, therefore, feel comfortable in their surroundings, as if they were in a real brick and mortar shop.

As frontrunners in the luxury web development sector, Diffusion Digital, alongside the Matter of Form Group as a whole, will establish what it is that makes your brand tick, what it is that your customers cherish about your brand and brings them back again and again, and finally bring these two elements together to produce a website that will enhance your brand as a whole.

At the heart of every luxury website design, there is a strong brand and story that drives the design forward. The products themselves are not necessarily the centre-piece, more it is to ensure the customer recognises the identity of the website and feel comfortable and trusts the digital version of the brand which most of the time they are familiar with.

This is not to say that the products shouldn’t be given not necessarily the products themselves should be at the centre of the attention as this is what people know and love.

Of course, the products are important but the look and feel of the website should absolutely reflect the look and feel of the brand. This will bring confidence to users and make it more likely for them to convert, especially if they can’t see the real product in front of them.

Through pioneering UX to world-class design and development, and by implementing an innovative digital marketing strategy post-launch, we love seeing the businesses that we work with thrive in their particular sector and we take enormous pride in the fact that these brands return to us, and recommend us, long into the future.

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frequently asked questions

What sort of luxury brands does Diffusion Digital work with?

Diffusion Digital is sector agnostic and our approach to website builds is tailored to each specific client depending on their sector and specific needs. We have worked with brands in hospitality, Lifestyle, Fashion, Property and financial services.

How much does a luxury website cost?

Each website is different and every one of our clients has different needs. Prices range from 15k up to 100k 

Do you also do copywriting?

Diffusion Digital has an in-house team of professional copywriters as well as a pool of journalists who cover lifestyle, financial and heritage news, that can be called upon when needed.

Is SEO important for luxury brands?

Extremely! Diffusion Digital has an in-house SEO department that is on hand throughout a website build to ensure the site conforms to the best SEO practices and we also run ongoing SEO and content campaigns post-launch.

How long does it take to build a website for a luxury brand?

Time really depends upon the size of the site however typically, from discovery through to delivery, it takes between three and six months to build a website.

Do all Diffusion Digital departments work under one roof?

Diffusion Digital is a part of the wider Matter of Form Group and all departments work in the same building. From UX to Design, to Development, to Content and Search Strategy; each department work in the same office making communication and efficiency reliable and easy.

How much does it cost to build a website?

Costs for building a fashion eCommerce store vary depending upon how many products, categories, targeted countries, languages and many more aspects. Also, the level of functionality required will have an impact.

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