The Brief

To coincide with the launch of their latest sake blend, Junmai Daiginjo, the Franco-Japanese label, HEAVENSAKE, needed a site to showcase the premium offering and submerge their customers into a journey of brand discovery and exploration.



Project date

February 2017


E-Commerce · Shopify

Shopify website heaven sake
heaven sake advertisement a unique experience for body and mind
Heaven Sake Shopify product page
Heaven Sake advertisement

The Client

HEAVENSAKE are a premium sake brand whose composition has been developed by both great Japanese masters and distinguished French creators.

The vision behind HEAVENSAKE is to offer the world’s purest alcohol drink. Low acidity, combined with the lack of sulphites provides a unique experience for body and mind, deemed “A BETTER HIGH”.

heaven sake shopify website example

Discover, Explore, Engage

Our interaction development team worked closely with our designers to create a site that unfolds and comes to life as you navigate through, creating a rich and engaging experience.

Streamlined booking process

Even though generating sales through the website was a secondary objective, to raising the brand profile, we nevertheless worked on creating a simple and pleasing shopping experience.

We created two stores on Shopify to service both the UK and European markets and integrated them with Stripe Payments to offer HEAVENSAKE’s customers a streamlined and straightforward check out process.

Heaven Sake Shopify admin page
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