Islas Secas is Panama’s only private island reserve and lodge that accommodates no more than 18 guests at a time. Consisting of an archipelago of 14 islands, located 15 miles off the coast of Panama, Islas Secas offers rare, exclusive access to one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world.

We were approached by Islas Secas in 2019 to work with them to give the brand a refresh. This included the following activities:

  • updating the overarching brand guidelines (logo, typography, colour palette and illustrative & photographic style)
  • rolling this new look and feel out across their marketing and brand collateral (brochures, menus, stationary etc.)
  • creating a sub brand for their Spa offering



Islas Secas

Project date

October 2019


Branding · Hospitality · Luxury Travel

Redefining the guidelines


We kicked off the project with a workshop to discuss the Islas Secas brand with key stakeholders from across the business. The output of this was well rounded insight into the brand, which allowed us to offer up some initial mood boards that visually represented our understanding of the tone of the brand. These were refined until unanimously approved by the client.

These mood boards then acted as a solid reference point for us to produce new options for the brand logo (just a refinement needed here), typography and colour palette. In addition to this, we created an illustration and pattern library, taking inspiration from the local culture.

All of these elements were then put together in a guidelines document, making it easy for all future design work to have a unified look and feel.


Brand & Marketing collateral


With the guidelines now in place, we created a set of new brand and marketing assets that all presented the new creative direction. These included a sales brochure & factsheet, food and drinks menus, stationary and employee uniforms.

Sub Brands – The Spa

Having completed the work for the main”parent” brand, we turned our attention to the sub brands that make up Islas Secas. Here we focus on our work we carried out for their Spa.

Our goal here was to create a look and feel that still embodied the essence of Islas Secas but also gave it its own identity. So by going through a similar process of getting stakeholder input and putting together mood bards we came up with a series of creative directions that we then refined down to one route, based on the client’s feedback.