The Client

Famous for striking coloured gemstones and wearable design, Kiki McDonough has become one of the most desirable British jewellery brands in the luxury sector.

Kiki began designing in 1985 after recognising an opportunity to offer beautifully designed, timeless jewellery using precious gemstones that broke the conventions of traditional antique jewellery.

Leading the way in modern fine jewellery design, Kiki believes that women should build a collection of wearable fine jewellery that can be enjoyed and loved every day.


Kiki McDonough

Project date

September 2018


Branding, Print Design

The Brief

Kiki McDonough approached us to help them design their 2019 product catalogue. Brand rejuvenation and refinement were key priorities, as was showcasing Kiki’s signature collection and unique style in a manner that impressed and dazzled, but also created an air of accessibility.

It was also important to create a bold lay out that gave Kiki the deserved recognition of being an expert of matching colours with diamonds.

Flowers, Colours & Illustrations

Colourful gemstones have always been at the heart of what Kiki McDonough does, and flowers have always had a big influence. A central thread to our design was to select, illustrate and incorporate different types of flowers with each of her collections.

We added card inserts into the catalogue to sow in a narrative behind each flower and its connection with the stone. This added a nice flow throughout the catalogue to keep Kiki’s client’s engaged and added a nice depth and texture to the design, whilst making sure the products still took centre stage.

Kiki McDonough Brochure

Lifestyle Imagery

As part of the project we worked with Kiki on a new photoshoot. In line with the required ‘brand rejuvenation’ it was important that we curated a selection of lifestyle images that sat in union with the creative direction of the catalogue and the product pieces.

Wildsmith Skin