The Brief

Our brief was to refresh Mary Katrantzou’s digital brand presence by simplifying and stripping back the content and pivoting commerce to the forefront.

In addition to creating a logical and intuitive site to optimise the customer journey and increase conversion we had to maintain Mary Katrantzou’s positioning as a leading womenswear fashion pioneer with a trend setting visual design.


Mary Katrantzou

Project date

June 2017


E-Commerce · Fashion · Shopify

Commerce to the forefront

Our UX team worked in tandem with our web designers to create a site structure that encouraged cross pollination, with a focus on sales.

Connecting the campaign and editorial sections of the site with well placed links and tactfully positioned featured products, to allow easy access to the shop, helped in our mission to put the commerce side of the business on a pedestal.

A Natural Fit for Shopify Plus

It became obvious in the early discovery stages of this project that Shopify’s enterprise level plan would be a great match for MK.

This enabled us to customise the whole e-commerce experience all the way through the check out, create local stores with different inventory and marketing messaging for their various international markets, and also allow multi currency check out.

Seamlessly Responsive.

The challenge here was to build responsive versions of the site to maintain the rich experience across all devices, but strip back the content where possible and optimise the vast amount of imagery so that the performance was never compromised, even when out of reach of broadband.