Bringing the countryside to London

Established in 1956, Pulbrook & Gould have been offering their prestigious services to homes across London for more than 60 years.

Built on a philosophy of bringing the countryside into London, this is still very evident today, ranging from sophisticated simplicity to the flamboyant.


Pulbrook & Gould

Project date

July 2016


E-Commerce · Shopify

Pulbrook & Gould our services page lots of pictures of beautiful flowers
Pulbrook & Gould bespoke flower arrangers

history and heritage

There’s a great story behind Pulbrook & Gould, which lent itself well to being translated into an engaging timeline, taking clients on a journey from their beginnings right up to the present day.

Lady Pulbrook

Personal Shopping Experience

Increasing online sales, whilst keeping the experience personal, was a key objective of the new site.

Using a Shopify plug in we were able to customise the website to follow a set of fairly complex shipping rules to offer different rates based on London post code, day/time of week and weight of order.

Pulbrook & Gould services page

blue wild flower

red flower

white daisy flower

blue flower

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