Slater Investments are one of the UK’s leading investment management firms, that provide high performance UK focussed equity products.

They approached us in 2018 to help them rebuild their web presence. There were 3 main goals for this project:

  1. create a new website that offers excellent user experience through an intuitive site structure
  2. bring the brand and website up to date by applying modern design thinking to it
  3. offer clients the ability to invest directly through a dealing platform on the website


Slater Investments

Project date

January 2019


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Intuitive Site Structure

We kicked off the project with a UX workshop where we discussed, with multiple stakeholders from Slater Investments, the core business objectives, success metrics for the website and target audiences. With this information we were able to put forward a new site map and the overall information architecture that presented a new structure for the website that was logical and would allow Slater’s clients to browse through the website seamlessly.

Previously the content on the website was very segregated, so it was a key consideration to open it all up, with carefully places call to actions, that enabled users to easily navigate through related content .





Modern Design Thinking

The brand guidelines that Slater Investments provided us with were outdated, so there was an opportunity, and appetite, for us to update these to help modernise the brand identity. So we refined the colour palette and typography and provided mood boards that presented a new visual style.

Our designer used these new guidelines to create a fresh forward thinking design.

corporate web design example using the gherkin in london

Online Dealing Platform

On the whole the technical requirements for the site were all fairly straight forward. The only complexity was the creation of the online investment platform.

Creating a process that was simple and easy to follow was an important factor here, so it formed a core part of our initial UX workshop, to allow us to map out step by step wireframes, that guided users through the flow.

We then developed and configured this with Slater’s investment platform and merchant bank account so that payments and all data were captured seamless for all investments made.