The Brief

Talent Tin is a new digital recruitment platform that connects fashion brands with the best creative talent out there. The platform allows freelancers and brands to create and build their profiles and then use the platform to manage jobs from application all the way through to completion.

The crux of the brief was to deliver a digital product that looks slick and professional, and is built to allow the complex functionality to work seamlessly and offer great user experience.


Talent Tin

Project date

November 2017


Fashion · Recruitment

web design agency Talentin home page
web design agency talentin how it works

Logically Structured and Visually Captivating In Equal Measure

Given the stylish nature of the fashion industry and the creative disposition of the freelancers that this platform targets, a captivating visual design, was high up on the priority list. Tie this in with the complex nature of the platform in attracting different users types to facilitate a recruitment process from promotion through to management, the main challenge on this project was to build a platform that was functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

We adopted a fully integrated approach from start to finish, making sure all production teams (UX, design and development) were involved in every decision made.

talentin my dashboard screenshot

Back End Configuration

From email confirmations and on-site notifications, to contract signing and post job appraisals, there was a multitude of elements that all needed to link together to create a flow that enabled the recruitment process to pass effortlessly for both employer and employee.

The project moved forward in an iterative fashion to allow us to test, learn and finesse.

Talentin profile page screen shot
Talentin job page screen shot
Mary Katrantzou