The Brief

Vim & Vigour PR is a boutique luxury Travel and Lifestyle communications agency representing prestigious travel, hospitality and wellness brands in Singapore, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

Understanding the importance of remaining relevant in today’s ever-evolving digital society, they were keen to put together a modern and innovative website with a seamless browsing experience that best represents the company’s forward-thinking ideas and cements their reputation as thought leaders in the industry.


Vim & Vigour PR

Project date

August 2019


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Photographic Curation

Striking imagery is such an important part of Vim & Vigour PR’s make up. From wild safari experiences, all the way through to urban culinary masterclasses, rich and powerful photography is a crucial element in any PR strategy.

We had a vast bank of images to research and subsequently spent time making sure we curated a selection that not only set the right tone but also complemented the creative direction of the website.

Surprises & Delights

The website has a fairly simple design and there is no complex functionality really to speak of, so during the development phase we focussed on incorporating a nice range of animations and interactions that help bring the brand to life and offer simple mechanics to the user that hopefully keep them engaged and enhance their experience.

These include parallax scrolling to add depth to the pages and self scrolling text to allow dynamic messaging when users first land on the site.

japan landscape photo design creative website

snow photograph creative mountains

travel pr luxury lifestyle photo website


Vim and Vigour PR have a great library of rich editorial content, so it was a priority for us to create a space on the site where this could sit proudly.

We created a “magaziney” look and feel to give it a bit of stand out to the rest of the site and also incorporated a split screen layout to the blogs so users can easily read through the articles and have all the visual content displayed to the side.

Kiki McDonough