The Brief

Starting out as a completely new concept, the exceptionally luxurious and naturally produced skincare brand Wildsmith Skin needed somewhere to present and sell their new product range.

Wanting to stay away from the usually standard and formulaic approach of ecommerce, we were tasked with building a site that pushed the boundaries of an online store using a more artistic and playful edge.


Wildsmith Skin

Project date

August 2018


E-Commerce · Beauty

The Client

Wildsmith is a luxurious and ethically produced skincare brand whose range of products are all derived from natural botanical sources – making them rich in bio actives and nutrients.

Inspired by the arboretum at Heckfield Place in Hampshire and crafted in England, Wildsmith Skin is a pioneer in advancing the benefits of natural science through their sustainable skincare products.

wildsmith skincare model hand on her face

wildsmith skin models back with flower shadows

wildsmith skin model with freckles and flower shadow on her face closeup

wildsmith skin lifestyle image of model with arm around her shoulder


Bold yet delicate, we used neutral tones, light imagery and minimal text so that the new website design embodies the gentle nature of the skincare brand, who pride themselves on their cruelty-free, sustainable and environmentally sensitive practices.

Creating a story around the products was also vital, as it’s the story which is really a key part of what places these cosmetics above their competitors.


With so little content, using interactions to bring the site to life was a key focus of ours.  Our development team worked closely with our designers to create a site in which the elements seamlessly fall into place that fluidly shifts into place as you scroll down the page.

Monique Lhuillier