A strong and consistent branding strategy is crucial to developing and maintaining leads. It is at the very heart of your business and defines the identity of the business. As a leading branding and design agency in London, Digital Diffusion’s approach to brand development is the same as our approach to website design or campaign strategy and that is; each one is connected and each one affects the other. The creative informs the strategy and vice-versa.

More often than not your company’s branding is the first thing a potential customer sees. Whether it be a logo on a business card, website, poster, ticket, email signature or letterhead, whatever it is; it must make a good first impression and leave your customers intrigued and wanting more.

Whether you have an existing brand that needs to be given a refreshing touch, or you need help with the development of an early stage idea; Diffusion Digital is a brand identity and design agency in London and has an experienced team of developers and designers who will help unlock your brands full potential and develop it into a fully functioning business, on or offline.

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The importance of having a well-designed logo cannot be understated. It is testimony to your company’s professionalism and ultimately builds trust with your potential customers. If, for example, you have a logo that is designed in Microsoft Word, it is highly likely to raise some eyebrows and make people think; ‘if that is what their logo looks like, how well are they going to deliver my core message”. On the other hand you can have a logo that evokes competence and professionalism, this can quickly build trust and lead to conversion.

Appropriate colour schemes are fundamental to a brand and really help developing a memorable identity. Much like an insignificant logo, colour schemes can have an immediate negative impact on your customer; alternatively a good colour scheme can enhance your brand and leave an indelible mark on the psyche of the customer.


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Diffusion Digital is a brand design agency in London that has vast experience working with a number of SMEs helping them develop a voice and striking presence on and offline.

Our branding experts value the importance of deeply understanding the objectives and core values of the client. Only when this is done does the design and development phase begin. Additionally, we believe in maintaining a strong dialogue with our clients throughout the design and development phase; this is an iterative process and we understand how important it is do develop a brand image that meets the expectations of our clients and, more importantly; that they can be proud of.

From discovery discussions to story boards, to full scale design, to rolling it out across all formats; we take huge pride in our work and want to maintain a positive relationship with our clients well into the future.

Whilst a brand is an identity and shouldn’t change drastically, we understand that they develop over time and might require small details changing. For example take a look at how Apple’s infamous logo has evolved over the years – the concept has always remained the same (besides the first year) but it has had a few facelifts over the years.


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Research & Strategy

We take the time to fully understand our client and there market. Only after carrying out thorough due-diligence and market analysis will we move on to the next stage


With a thorough understanding of the space, we will create a unique identity that will bring our clients to the forefront of their sector and allow them to really stand out to there target audience.


We’ll create several different options for our clients and once we develop a style/image/colour palette that they love, we’ll expand roll out the design across all formats.


Once the designs have been finalised we’ll print examples; everything always looks (and feels) different in real life. After any tweaks and once our clients are happy with the product, we’ll publish.


  • A brand is effectively the heart and soul of your business. The brand helps form a business’s personality by shaping and setting the tone of people’s first impressions. The brand is key to delivering your companies message.
  • Elements of a brand include: Name, logo, tagline, tone of voice, fonts, colours, and layout; amongst many others. These combine to form the core of your business and helps drive the strategy forward.
  • A strong and memorable brand helps you sell your business’s message and helps keep this message consistent and clear.
  • Your brand is your ambassador and sets a standard that your customer comes to expect. Strong branding assists in attracting new customers and helps reassures existing ones.
  • It is also essential in encouraging advocacy, which is essential to anyone wanting to scale their business.
  • A Logo is simply a piece of the puzzle that is in the makeup of your overall brand. Whilst your logo is important in developing a brand identity, it is not the only part that needs developing. Branding is made up of all the elements of your marketing and advertising.
  • Your brand as a whole is constantly changing as your business evolves. Most companies have a brand makeover or update every seven to ten years. This isn’t changing the brand completely, only renovating it and making it more relevant to your current products as well as your target customers.