Shopify Plus – Does your Business Need It?

Shopify Plus is a fully hosted, enterprise level ecommerce system aimed at high volume merchants looking to take their ecommerce operation to the next level.

So the question of whether your business needs Shopify Plus depends heavily on where you think your business is now and where you see it headed in the near future.

To help you consider the answer to that question, here are some of the main benefits of using Shopify Plus.

Scalability Without the Stress

A key benefit of Shopify Plus is that it’s fully managed with a promise of 99.9% uptime and unlimited bandwidth. Essentially what this means no more worrying about IT concerns such as having to pay extra for higher data usage or potential downtime during big sale events like Black Friday.

For many people that have outgrown free and ‘lite’ ecommerce systems, the challenge of setting up and managing your own ecommerce store can lead to significant IT headaches. So with Shopify Plus you can put these concerns out of your mind and focus on what you do best – selling.

Customisation & Same Domain Checkouts

As a customer, being redirected to an offsite checkout that looks completely different to the website you were shopping on is a fast track way to being spooked out of paying.

With Shopify Plus, you can fully customise your online store using CSS styling and JavaScript, enabling you to create a seamless transition between your website and your checkout. Alternatively if you aren’t a web design whizz, you can choose from a large number of pre-installed styles.

This integration is further improved with the inclusion of same domain checkouts, meaning no obvious forwarding from your domain to a Shopify domain – something that can often look unprofessional for your brand, or worse yet, spook your customers out of completing a purchase.

Save Money on Transactions

With Shopify Plus you don’t have to pay transaction fees on customer purchases, regardless of which payment method your customers decide to use. This means that if you are a high volume merchant you can expect to save a significant amount of money over time – helping to mitigate the financial investment in Shopify Plus.

Your Shopify Plus Merchant Success Manager, is what Shopify Plus refers to as your ‘secret weapon'.
Sam Strutt

Increase your Conversions

Shopify plus offers ‘Shopify Pay’ which allows customers the modern convenience of being able to save their payment details for future purchases. This removes the barrier of customers having to get up and find their credit card each time they want to pay – it may sound silly, but never underestimate how much a comfy sofa can hinder a conversion!

Not having to enter payment information each time also means that customers have fewer form fields to fill out during the checkout process, helping to further increase your conversion rates – especially on mobile devices where large forms are less likely to be tolerated.

Your own Merchant Account Manager

Your Shopify Plus Merchant Success Manager, is what Shopify Plus refers to as your ‘secret weapon’. They can help you with a wide range of things from setting up same domain checkouts, design modifications and additional feature requests.

For many people this can almost feel like having a silent partner in the business, helping to ease any worries you may have of ‘going it alone’ and being there to help out with the technical side of ecommerce that you may not have time to fully focus on.

So What is the Key Takeaway Here?

Well let’s not ignore the elephant in the room any longer; Shopify Plus requires a financial investment. This cost will depend on the scale of your ecommerce operation and as we said before, your plans for the future.

So really, the decision of whether or not to invest in Shopify Plus depends heavily on the growth of your business and whether your current ecommerce setup is hindering that growth.

If it is, then maybe it’s time to take the plunge.


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