Valentines Day – Some Sales Boosting Tips

Last year, Valentine’s Day contributed an estimated £987m ($1.23bn) to the UK economy, with the average amount spent per shopper being £53. Although a large chunk of this went to the flower and gift industries, online retailers too saw an increase in their sales. There is always a lull in retail spending in January, after a hectic holiday season. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for businesses to boost their online sales and drive customer engagement across their channels. Even if you’re not in the gifting sector, you can leverage this holiday and make it a great angle for your digital activities of February.


Integrate Products From Other Industries

If it fits in your business model, you can offer some archetypical Valentine’s Day items such as flowers, chocolates or greeting cards along with the purchase of an item from your brand. Not only will this save your customers the trouble of purchasing from more than one retailer, it will also earn you extra revenue from product categories that thrive during this period. Another great tactic could be to offer a free gift-wrapping service or a personalised note along with a purchase during this period.


Offer a Sales Promotion

Nothing like extending a great deal on your products to improve sales, especially at a time when gift retailers hike up their prices. There are loads of thrifty Valentine’s shoppers trying to get more bang for their buck, and so a sales promotion could be a lucrative proposition during this season. Offer discounts across your product range or throw in freebies with a minimum amount of purchase. Don’t forget to put a deadline on your offer so customers avail it instantly!


Get Your Single Clientele To Indulge In Some Self-love

Give some love to your single shoppers by letting them know Valentine’s Day is all about treating oneself and celebrating self-love. This could be a great angle for your marketing campaign, especially if your businesses does not offer any gift related products. You could also offer personalisation of your merchandise for a limited time close to the day.

Give some love to your single shoppers by letting them know Valentine’s Day is all about treating oneself and celebrating self-love

Host a Valentine’s Day Contest

Drive customer engagement across your social channels by hosting an online Valentine’s Day competition for your customers. Create a hashtag for this competition and encourage customers to post across their social media using this hashtag, in exchange for some goodies for themselves and their loved ones. Not only will this augment your social outreach, it may also spread brand awareness and recall amongst noncustomers.


Guarantee Delivery

Shoppers are always cautious of ordering gifts online, afraid it may not arrive in time for the D-day. Dispel their fears by guaranteeing shipping by or before the holiday. Another tactic could be to offer free shipping on all orders placed in the first week of February. It drives sales even if the customer is not looking for Valentine’s Day presents.


Contribute to a Charity

Spread some love by supporting a charity or organisation during this holiday. Show your customers that you care about giving back and attribute a portion of your sales to a good cause. You could also engage the charity in creating some limited-edition merchandise or packaging for a Valentine’s special!


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