Insight into how AI image generation can be utilised for marketing

AI Image Generation and How We Can Use It

Victoria Hall

AI has been around for a while, generating creative content ranging from art, music, to literature. With its newest and latest developments it’s now able to create extraordinary and original content within a matter of seconds. New AI image generators are able to create one-of-a-kind content based on text inputs. These generators combine styles, concepts, and attributes to create new artistic and relevant images allowing for a multitude of new ideas to be put into imagery.


AI is improving the speed and efficiency of repetitive tasks in the design space. In addition to using AI generated imagery, designers can use AI-powered programmes to assist with common design presets such as determining margin width, layouts, typefaces, and colours. These generators help with efficiency, personalisation, and variations for design projects. AI allows for quicker movement between concept, development, and release.

AI generated image of three female models wearing luxury sunglasses

It is important for companies to understand the utility of AI Image generation. Its utilisation spans from making the design process easier for their graphics design team, to allowing for new potential product ideas and brainstorming suggestions to be quickly visualised. Notes, sketches, and ideas for new product launches can be easily synthesised through an AI generated Image. It can even help with visual merchandising. Using AI image generation, companies can express their brand identity while tailoring context to individual stores.

Popular AI Image Generation Softwares:


Aside from designers, many AI image generation softwares do not require any artistic or IT knowledge. This allows for professionals and amateurs to successfully use the software to create original images.

AI generated image of 3 pairs of luxury high heels

Are any companies already using AI image generation?

The answer is yes! Brands like Nike and Levi have already implemented AI generated imagery into the product collections and websites. The company Attentive, a personalised messaging platform recently announced Attentive AI, a tool that allows brands to create complete, multi-channel campaigns using AI and insights on effective content from 1.4 trillion Attentive data points. So far, a major retail brand using the tool in beta is reporting a 148% revenue increase. “A lot of brands are going to our generative image-making platform to generate a marketing image that leverages products in their product catalogue, paired with background and foreground imagery based on text prompts they enter. They’re then personalising the image’s setting, lighting and other elements,” Brian Long, CEO of personalised messaging platform Attentive.

AI generated image of a luxury bottle of perfume with a luxury handbag in the background

AI image generators are still beholden to human input. These generators gather data from across the internet which can lead to this data sometimes being compromised. Smart technologies and AI softwares are not able to jeopardise human creativity (yet), mainly because they lack cognitive foundations and key emotional drivers that makeup design principles. Despite this, since AI allows for anyone to put in text into its prompt, it opens a gateway for massive influxes of creativity and new ideas to be visualised and put into imagery.

AI and creatives will continue to grow together in revolutionising the design space. It is up to today’s designers and creatives to embrace this new technology and use it to find new solutions to problems.

AI generated image of 3 pairs of luxury handbags

Don’t Know Where to Start?

At Diffusion Digital we can help you and your brand fit AI image generation and smart technologies into your digital marketing strategy. Providing guidance and insight into your industry, we can help you find the best way to integrate AI image generation in a way that benefits your brand the most. We’re here to help you leap into the next generation of smart technology; designing strategy, while keeping context and brand identity in mind.

Wondering how AI could help your brand grow? Get in touch today to discover our services.
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