Content Marketing

It Should Be An Extension Of Your Brand & Leveraged Across All Digital Touch Points. It’s a cliché but it doesn’t detract from the truth – Content is King. The opportunity to create a symbiosis between quality content & your brand has never been greater.

It feels like we’re on the cusp of a new age of brand loyalty where brand personality and ethics will matter more than ever.

Of course that’s primarily going to be expressed through content and not aligning that output with SEO is going to be a huge missed opportunity for companies.

Diffusion has a team of content specialists, experienced in the luxury sector, whose unique ability to understand your brand will help you translate your thoughts into words so that it stands out in the search landscape ultimately improving brand image, traffic and conversions.

Content refers to not only written assets, but image, video and audio, all of which should combine and help paint a rich picture of the brand in search results.

Introduction to Content Marketing

Businesses have to look at content ROI with a long term view as the vast majority of advertising and digital marketing is fleeting.

With paid search you spend £1000 on ads today. You’ll get 100 clicks, but tomorrow, you’ll have to spend that money all over again to see any additional value.

Spend £1000 on a helpful blog post optimised for search, and it’ll drive continuous traffic and leads while building trust with your audience. You’ll spend that $500 up front, but afterwards, high-quality content will continue to deliver results for free.


Content Marketing

  • Delivers compounding returns over time
  • Spend once, get value for years
  • Helps build trust and brand engagement
  • Supplements Product Marketing


Paid Advertising

  • Short Term Results
  • Continuous spend to see results
  • Minimal brand engagement opportunity

The Case For Content

Reinforce Brand Loyalty & Engagement

Regular content should be an extension of your brand and business aimed at reassuring and educating your customers about your products or services.

Customers are more likely to re-engage with brands who produce regular and engaging content that is designed to enhance the brands relevance and keep them ‘current’ in an ever more crowded market place, whatever the industry.


Maximise Search Visibility

Is your content increasing your brands visibility in organic search for non-branded searches?

Search engines are always creating new opportunities to get your content seen in search by creating rich content areas in the results pages. Working with an SEO partner will help to ensure your website makes the most of these opportunities and remains up to date with all the latest search trends.


Create Content Around Targeting Themes & Topics

With thousands of websites offering similar services, search engines look to see whose content is relevant, up to date and engaging as a differentiating factor from competitors.

Quality content is of course there to legitimise a business’s expertise in its sector, but it should also prop up the core services of a website and help key topic specialisms stand out in search. Content should never compete with key landing pages.

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