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5* Favourites – Luxury Jewellers on Instagram

Katherine Growney

The Jewellery and watch industry can be found at the core of the luxury market, and is counted as one of the most popular luxury items for individuals to invest in. The global market is currently valued at $340 billion, with the online jewellery market sitting at $57 billion. While many ateliers choose to keep their collections exclusive to in-store shoppers and collectors, other brands have maximised their online presence through Instagram. 

With the rise of people turning to social media rather than Google to discover new brands and look for inspiration, it’s now more important than ever for luxury brands to be utilising these channels. Even in search we are seeing a rise in search terms such as ‘best jewellery instagram accounts’ – showing people’s desire for visual content. 

This is why we’ve put together a list of our five favourite luxury jewellery instagram accounts who are maximising their social presence through show-stopping visual content.

Bucherer Fine Jewellery

Image of a woman's hands wearing Bucherer Fine Jewellery, holding small orange fruit.

Although the Bucherer account only launched in November 2022, we can see their potential flooding through their content. From an insight into their design and workshop process, through to showcasing their stunning spring collection through a colourful, fruit-filled campaign – their content is fun, light-hearted and joyful. 

The online jewellery market has experienced an impressive annual average growth of 8.64% between 2011-2019. It is still expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19.56% until 2027.

Giovanni Raspini

Picture of Giovanni Raspini bracelet of a turquoise surface.

Giovanni Raspini’s handmade silver pieces are delightfully showcased through the brand’s crafted Instagram feed. With each organic campaign owning consistently themed colour palettes on the grid, Giovanni Raspini’s digital identity truly embodies the brand’s core essence of “a destiny of beauty”.

Married 25-34-year-old women with an average salary buy the most jewellery.

Roberto Coin

Image of Roberto Coin Necklaces hanging on a brown leather bag.

Roberto Coin’s story-led campaigns are beautifully represented through their Instagram content. Their grid flows seamlessly between editorial model content, product concepts and stunning packshots that are styled to fit the campaign story. By using colours to separate the campaigns, the story of each piece is instantly recognisable through the creative concepts. 

High-income people in the age group 45-54 spend the most money on jewellery, consuming $304.6 worth of jewellery every year.

De Beers Jewellers

Image of a couple embracing on their wedding day. The woman is wearing De Beers Jewellers jewellery.

De Beers Jewellers is known as the House of Diamonds, and it’s easy to see why through their Instagram content. With natural diamonds sitting at the centre of their creations, it’s no surprise that their photography captures the shine and sparkle of the stones perfectly. De Beers has utilised the Instagram Guide feature seamlessly into their Social Media strategy, with Guides centred around Diamond Care, Diamond Buying Essentials and A Brief History of Diamonds. This strategy means that their dedicated customer base are reassured that they are purchasing their jewelled investments from true experts who are passionate about natural and sustainable jewels.

While necklaces are the best-performing jewellery category globally, women prefer earrings over other jewellery.


Picture of a models hands playing with a pink Rubix Cube while wearing Boucheron jewellery.

With heritage that dates back to 1858, Boucheron is a timeless brand that never feels outdated. Their latest collection, La Vie en Rose, encaptures a joyful, youthful energy within the content. The collection’s concept of life being a game is perfectly realised through the playful imagery that captures models enjoying music, retro games and all-pink rubix cubes. Boucheron have built an easily recognisable online identity by incorporating their Asscher diamond cut outline across their grid – utilising this design across their static assets, and adding enticing motion to the outline on their Reels gives even the simplest of content an on-brand feel, and instantly separates their content from their competitor’s. 

These wonderful brands have built dedicated online audiences through well thought-out social media and content strategies. While sharing beautiful imagery is effective, knowing your online audience and what they want to see from your brand is imperative to success on social media. 

Instagram can be an overwhelming landscape packed full of ever-changing and newly launched features. If you are stuck with where to start when building and growing your online presence, why not get in touch with our dedicated Social Media team to see how we can help take your social media presence to the next level.

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