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Diffusion Digital is a leading online retail and fashion web design agency based in London. Despite being sector agnostic, our highly experienced team have carved out a niche in fashion eCommerce having built websites for several high-end global brands, as well as high street fashion eCommerce stores.

Every website presents a different challenge but our dynamic approach to fashion web design has produced award-winning websites that we, and more importantly, our clients, are incredibly proud of.

  • 01. Brand Essence

    Every fashion brand is driven by a story unique and tapping into this story is essential to delivering a truly engaging website that enhances their digital image.

  • 02. Surprise & Delight

    Bring your products to life through clever yet subtle interactions that enhance each item and encourages engagement and conversion, without compromising the brand.

  • 03. Scale At Ease

    We build websites that are easily manageable and allow our clients to scale the brand and to grow their business at a pace that suits them.

  • 04. Push Boundaries

    Fashion web design is a fast-paced world with new trends emerging all the time. Diffusion Digital remains on-hand to ensure websites keep up-to-date with all the latest enhancements.


Firstly you should ask: What makes a good fashion website designer or developer? Well, they have to understand the market and demographic that the brand is targeting. This will allow them to design and develop a fashion website that truly reflects the brand and engages the target audience.

The story of the brand should transcend the website and emanate out of every page whilst not interfering with the products as ultimately, they are the star of the show. From landing on the site users should be taken on a journey eventually arriving at the checkout. This process should be fun, engaging, but above all intuitive because as statistics show, people rarely convert on their first visit to a fashion website. This means they need to be enticed back, and it is our job as fashion web designers to ensure they do this.

Trends change exceptionally quickly and a website should be able to adapt and absorb these trends, allowing the brand to remain up to date with all the latest shifts.


As fashion e-commerce design and development specialists, we will be available throughout the build process and beyond, to ensure that we translate your wishes into reality.


Every brand is unique and we will treat it with the care and respect that it deserves resulting in a website that enhances it, and crucially; elevates it above the increasingly crowded marketplace.


We strive to form close ties with the brands that we work with and take a genuine interest in their success.


Whether the business is global or hyper-local, Diffusion Digital will work with you to design build and maintain a store that meets all of your requirements.


Do you work with brands in other countries?

Diffusion Digital has been fortunate enough to work with brands all over the world. Through our sister agency, Matter of Form, we have offices in San Francisco, New York and Hong Kong.

  • Do you do search engine optimisation for fashion sites?

    All of our fashion websites are built with SEO best practices in mind and our onsite team of SEO specialists are experienced in ensuring all technical SEO aspects are correctly implemented so the site is easily accessible the world over, especially if these sites operate using different currencies or languages.

  • Is SEO important in the fashion sector?

    SEO is a critical part of gaining visibility online and through geo-targeting and different countries can be targeted with different products. Whether you are a local or global store, SEO is essential in getting your products out to a wider audience who might not be aware of your brand. We have in house teams that once the website is live will help increase its visibility.

  • What is product personalisation?

    Using various apps and plugins who through artificial intelligence and machine learning show specific products to specific users when they arrive on the site. Implementing product personalisation dramatically increases click-through rates.

  • Do you only build on WordPress and Shopify?

    Diffusion Digital specialises in WordPress and Shopify however we are part of a wider group, Matter of Form and FORM Commerce who work on other more enterprise platforms like Magento and Kentico

  • Is Shopify a good platform for Fashion websites?

    As a leading fashion web developer in London, we choose to use Shopify due to its cost-effectiveness and scalability. There are over 600,000 other eCommerce stores which is a testament to its capabilities

  • How much does it cost to build a website?

    Costs for building a fashion eCommerce store vary depending upon how many products, categories, targeted countries, languages and many more aspects. Also, the level of functionality required will have an impact.

  • How long does it take to build a fashion website?

    Much like price, this depends upon a lot of variables. Typically we’d design and build a medium sized website between 3-4 months. This said if something more urgent is required we can put up a brochure site in a matter of weeks

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