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Scaling your business? Why choose Shopify as the platform? 

Shopify is a global leader in eCommerce, boasting over 600,000 business users generating a gross sales volume of $55 billion.

Its intuitive layout and user-friendly design has given thousands of SMEs and larger businesses the opportunity to seamlessly transfer their products online. With powerful accessories and integrations, such as linking your store to Pintrest and Amazon, your brand will receive unparalleled exposure resulting in more leads and resultantly more conversions; in other words, greater sales.

From an online marketing perspective, Shopify allows you to optimise your content in order to rank highly in search engines. This allows you to organically boost your brands exposure online.

Shopify’s customer support experts are always on standby ensuring peace-of-mind, should you have any queries or niggles.

However, are you looking for something to break the mould and really stand out? This is where a specialist Shopify developer like Diffusion Digital comes in.

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What Shopify plan is best suited to your needs?

Shopify offers plans that cater to all business models, whether you are starting out on your eCommerce journey, or you are already well established and looking to scale up quickly.

As a recognised partner to Shopify, our design agency can offer you specialised advice as to which plan suits your business interests best. We can then provide you with a highly optimised platform that will help to achieve your goals.





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Why should you use Diffusion Digital as your Shopify development Agency?

Diffusion Digital is a Shopify website developer located in the heart of London’s digital hub in Shoreditch, that specialises in developing unique, completely bespoke, Shopify websites. Our team of Shopify experts have considerable experience creating customised sites. We can redesign your current website, or build it from the ground up, giving you a completely customised design that will propel your brand to the forefront of your industry.  

Our designers work alongside our developers from the outset enhancing the powerful animations and interactions that come as standard in order that they fit with your brand more cohesively. Our objective is to bring your brand to life online, giving it an identity that will make a lasting, positive impression on your customer.

Diffusion Digital takes the time to truly understand our clients’ brands and in particular; what sets them apart from their competitors. By doing this we ensure we produce a bespoke site that will deliver your brands unique message across all platforms, so whatever device your customers use — be it mobile, tablet or desktop — they will always be able to seamlessly access your site.

Whilst Shopify is easy to use, there are constant updates and as a leading Shopify developer, Digital Diffusion stays up-to-date with all the latest developments to the platform, allowing you to concentrate on your brand and product development. By keeping us on retainer we will set aside an agreed amount of hours per week or month, to ensure your website is operating to the maximum.

Diffusion Digital is an award-winning, London based, Shopify development agency ready to provide you with the creative insight your business needs to stand out online. We are looking to dramatically increase your exposure online by creating unique and engaging designs, regardless of your company’s size. We take enormous pride in our client’s brands and have a genuine desire to propel them forwards.

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    • Depending on the complexity of your design this can vary. Shopify is a very intuitive platform and as a result the simple themed designs are very quick to set up.
    • Our services from discovery to delivery typically take between 2-3 months depending on the length of the design process and complexity of the final project.
    • Are you looking to start selling your products online? Yes… well Shopify is a good place to start. Whether you are a charity or selling bespoke jewellery, wholesaling Indian spices or acting as an intermediary between seller and buyer; this platform caters to everyone.
    • Thanks to Shopify’s intuitive design a wide selection of stock templates and themes, there will be a design that fits your brand. If however you want to take it to the next level then our Shopify design agency, Digital Diffusion, can tailor your website to best reflect your brands vision and identity online.
    • Shopify plans vary between 29$ and 299$ per month and the different plans will suit different businesses. There is also Shopify PLUS, which costs $2000 per month. Our team of Shopify certified experts can offer you advice specific to your business, get in touch now by clicking here.
    • When it comes to our fees, they vary enormously from project to project. We are looking to bring big agency expertise to smaller clients and as such we understand financial constraints.
    • Typically a build will range from £10k – £40k, depending on your requirements.
      • £10k will give you a basic customised website with no external integrations such as accountancy, shipping or stock management.
      • 40k will give you a fully customised website with enhanced functionality including design and content. Integrations such as an international store and multi currency options as well as management systems that will enable you to keep track of all aspects of your online business (accountancy, shipping, stock management etc.).
  • Discovery Phase
    • Maintaining your brand identity is at the heart of our methodology. Before we start designing or developing anything, our team will sit down with you to go over your business and objectives and particularly; to get a strong understanding of your brand. Once we are satisfied that we understand the direction you are heading and what it is you want to achieve, we will start creating some template designs
  • Proposal / Quote
    • We will issue you with a preliminary quote for the whole project, from design to delivery. Details each phase of the project and includes our recommendation of the design and UX, front end development and eCommerce configuration
  • UX / Wireframing
    • We’ll put together a skeleton design (wireframe) of your website so you can approve the site structure. This will be be a balance between optimum user experience and SEO
  • Creative Brief
    • You will constantly be in touch with our creative team in order to design a concept that will really bring your brand or products to life online. It is important to us that you are able to have as much or as little input, into the design as you wish
    • Once the design concepts have been agreed we role it out across all other page templates and return to you for any tweaks or changes in order to ensure that your exact requirements are met
    • Developing a website is an iterative process and we are only satisfied if we achieve what our client envisaged
    • Once the brief is met on desktop, we will roll out the designs across all platforms including tablet and mobile, before sending the site live
  • Front End / Back End
    • Our team of developers are well versed in all the latest technologies (e.g. html, CSS styling, JS and Ajax framework). Our front-end developers cover what the user sees and interacts with. Following this back-end configuration of the platform onto CMS allows you to manage and process your orders, products and other eCommerce processes allowing the site owner to not require further developers down the line
  • Retained services
    • We take enormous pride in the business’ and brands that we work with. We want to see them continually develop and grow and in order to guarantee this, we offer a retained service whereby we set aside an agreed amount of time per week or month to ensure everything associated with your website, from content to code, is as up-to-date as possible. This service gives our clients complete peace of mind and enables them to concentrate on making their brand or products as good as they can be
    • The service includes:
      • Daily backups of your database and all of the content on your website.
      • 24/7 protection of your website for malware, viruses and hackers
      • Updates of your plugins and Shopify core files, ensuring there are no vulnerabilities and guaranteeing that performance is maintained
      • Quick fixes to site bugs and other glitches
      • Hosting on our secure server
      • Content Management