Through proper planning and implementation, we can make sure your business has reliable indicators to measure your online presence and performance. Be it a new website or a redesign, a new feature or an ad-hoc request to answer questions from internal teams, we can implement analytics tracking and make sure you can report on what matters from day 1.

  • Review of existing analytics setup and staging environments
  • Implementation plan and roadmap
  • Creation of dataLayer specifications for analytics and QA
  • Analytics support and consultancy, liaising with tech teams and 3rd party partners
  • Analytics implementation for Google Analytics (UA/GA4), including go-live checks
  • Creation of bespoke dashboard to follow up on results in real time


Trusting your data collection is fundamental to confidently take action based on analytics insights. Through an audit of your existing GA4 or Universal Analytics setup, we can check if your implementation follows Google’s best practices, and come up with a plan of action to optimise your data collection moving forward – guiding you from planning to actual implementation through Google Tag Manager. This process includes:

  • Review of existing setup based on Google’s best practices
  • Summary of findings and optimisation opportunities
  • Implementation plan and roadmap
  • Analytics implementation through GTM and support/consultancy to internal teams


Analytics shouldn’t be about the amount of data you’re collecting, but how actionable that data really is. Based on your specific questions and needs, we can help paint a clearer picture of how users interact with your website and other marketing touchpoints – reviewing audience profile, traffic sources, and attribution, shining light on possible pain points and areas to be improved.

  • Creation and presentation of periodic/ad-hoc website analysis according to your specific needs, including tracking suggestions and insights

Looker studio dashboards

To make sure you’re taking full advantage of the data being collected through all of your business’ online touchpoints, we can help set up real-time, fully customisable reports in Looker Studio. With hundreds of available data integrations (including Google Analytics, spreadsheets, social media and email marketing platforms), you can sure your results aren’t siloed, giving you and your team a 360 view of your online presence and allowing for more autonomy in assessing paid and organic performance.

  • Data mapping and integrity check for all data sources
  • Requirement gathering with teams for a bespoke dashboard plan
  • Dashboard creation in Looker Studio and periodic iterations based on usage feedback

Example Looker Studio Dashboard


It’s time to move on to Google Analytics 4, and we can help you make the move, either mirroring your Universal Analytics setup or coming up with a brand new analytics plan that fits your current and future needs.

  • Review of existing analytics setup/reporting requirements
  • GA4 implementation plan and roadmap
  • Creation of dataLayer specifications for GA4, if necessary
  • Analytics support and consultancy, liaising with tech teams and 3rd party partners for integrations
  • Full custom configuration of GA4 property according to your business needs
  • Creation of reports to follow up on results in real time, and consultancy in migration of existing dashboards


Online privacy is a concern now more than ever, and your analytics and marketing data sharing/collection should be compliant to respect the preferences of your audience. We can help by making sure you’re only collecting data from users that comply with your privacy policy through a Consent Manager Platform implementation.

  • Implementation of cookie consent banner through Google Tag Manager


The world of analytics is ever-changing, and keeping up with all innovation and new features is no easy task. We can help you take full advantage of your analytics implementation by providing training and overall consultancy in the following tools:

  • Google Analytics 4
  • Looker Studio
  • Google Tag Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you recover lost data from Google Analytics?

    Short answer – it depends! There are so many variables that the quickest option for you here is to get in touch and give us a few more details.

  • Can I keep my Universal Analytics Data after move the GA4?

    You’ll be able to access your data in UA for at least six months after the migration to GA4. However, beyond this, you need to make sure you’ve captured all the data you need to maintain after this period. Get in touch with one of our data specialists and we’ll be able to help you determine what should and shouldn’t be considered a priority.



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