A brand’s visual identity is often the first thing that consumers are exposed to when they initially discover a brand. This could be in the form of a logo on a business card, a Facebook ad or an email signature. Whatever it is, it is critical that it makes a positive and impactful first impression that leaves the consumer wanting more. 

At Diffusion Digital, we understand the value of developing a unique and memorable brand identity that clearly communicates your desired message and sets your business apart from the competition. 

A strong and engaging visual identity increases brand awareness, credibility and recognition. Consumers directly associate products and services with the overarching brand’s messaging and standards, and so it is essential that these values are reflected through an established set of brand guidelines, in order to generate leads and build consumer trust and loyalty. 

Whether you are creating a new brand from scratch, or your existing brand needs a refresh, our experienced team of designers will help unlock your brand’s full potential and seek to develop a unique brand identity that is consistent across all channels, both online and offline.


Establishing strong brand guidelines is key to developing a unified brand identity, as these provide a set of rules that define how certain elements, such as a logo, colour ways and typography, should be applied across various marketing activities.

The importance of having a well-designed logo cannot be understated. It is testimony to your company’s professionalism and ultimately builds trust with your potential customers. 

Appropriate colour ways are fundamental to a brand and really help developing and maintaining a unique and memorable identity, as well as to enhance your brand and leave an indelible mark on the psyche of the customer. 

Suitable and accessible typography with a strong hierarchy will help engage your audience and facilitate digestible content. 

Photographic direction in the style of mood boards can be developed in order to showcase the overall artistic direction that can be applied across various marketing assets.


Our approach to brand development is the same as our approach to website design and marketing strategy, and that is; each one is connected and each one influences the other. The creative informs the strategy and vice-versa.


Our branding experts value the importance of deeply understanding the core objectives and values of the client. Only when this is achieved, does the design and development phase begin. We believe in maintaining a strong dialogue with our clients throughout the design and development phase; this is an iterative process and we understand how important it is to develop a brand image that meets the expectations of our clients and, more importantly, that they can be proud of.

From discovery discussions to storyboards, to full scale design, to rolling it out across all formats; we take huge pride in our work and want to maintain a positive relationship with our clients well into the future.

We understand that brands evolve and scale over time and may therefore require small changes in order to fall in line with this growth. For example, take a look at how Apple’s infamous logo has evolved over the years – the concept has always remained the same (besides the first year) but it has had a few facelifts over the years to remain competitive and in line with modern design thinking.


With a thorough understanding of the space, we will develop a unique identity, whereby we establish the brand’s overall look and feel, including elements being logo, colour ways and typography, which we will translate into a set of brand guidelines that helps the brand to stand out to its target audience. 

Once a set of core brand guidelines has been defined, the new brand look and feel can be rolled out across a range of collateral, such as notepads, brochures or letterheads, for example, as well as across your digital channels such as your website and social media accounts.



Never has eCommerce been more crucial to the success of a retailer’s business.