Ongoing Support

Hosting, maintaining and regularly updating a site is essential to the success of a website’s performance over time. Choosing the right hosting service, and ensuring that your site receives the attention it needs is crucial to keeping your site secure and effective.

It is a common misconception that once a website is built, no more work is needed. No matter what platform your website is built on, it will need to be updated frequently to stay efficient, secure and up to date with platforms and technologies as they constantly evolve. Diffusion Digital takes on all of the behind the scenes essential maintenance that your site needs, so that you don’t have to.

However keeping a website fresh and “modern” is not all about keeping things updated in the background. We understand that websites need to be flexible and should evolve alongside you and your business. As part of our strategic support service we work with you to ensure your website is always performing to meet your business’ needs. Regular amends to your site’s design and adding new functionalities are just a couple of examples of how we can help!


It is crucial to host your site in the right place to ensure both security and successful performance, and there are a lot of factors to consider when considering where to host your website such as reliability, speed and security. 

Diffusion Digital’s hosting service relieves the pressure by hosting our clients’ sites on our fast and secure server, over which we have full control. Leaving the hosting of your site in our hands means that it will always be serviced by a team of professionals so that you don’t need to worry about the technicalities.


More so than ever, websites are at the centre of a business and are often the key driver of sales. It is therefore more important than ever to mitigate the risk of disruption to your website’s performance. If a site is not regularly kept up to date, unforeseen problems can arise which can be critical to your website and business. 

Our essential maintenance support is equipped to manage and diminish issues before they can negatively impact business operations. Clients with technical support contracts will have development staff on hand to answer requests and tackle problems as swiftly and as seamlessly as possible.


Strategic Support

Websites need to continuously evolve in order to keep up to date with business objectives and industry trends. At Diffusion we understand this and take pride in building ongoing relationships with our clients to help them scale and enhance their online presence. 

When you sign up to our strategic support, you will have a team of experts on hand to advise and help with any new addition or enhancement to your website. From minor amends to larger website refreshes, we work with you to ensure you reach your digital goals each month. Depending on your needs, we can adapt your plan to ensure you have the required amount of support available for your website.

Commerce Catalyst Programme

Commerce Catalyst Programme

Fully-funded Strategy, Web Production & Digital Marketing for high-growth eCommerce brands