Commerce Catalyst Programme

We provide investment, consultancy & full-service digital execution for luxury and premium brands with demonstrable growth potential.

By bridging the gap between vision and target audience, the Programme helps ambitious brands achieve their online sales potential. 

Commerce Catalyst Programme FAQs

About the Programme

The Programme is designed for brands looking for both financial support and a strategic digital partner to help accelerate their digital growth and reach customer engagement goals.

Brands on the programme receive a bespoke and fully-funded digital strategy that combines the right channels for online revenue growth, based on a deep understanding of their positioning, product offering and target audiences. Ongoing digital services include a mix of strategy, website optimisation and Digital Marketing activation, depending on your specific needs and previous engagement figures.

Our iterative and data-driven approach is flexible to changing circumstances, allowing us to adapt our strategy based on traction, ROI and performance.

  1. Investment
    • Initial investment options at 3 different tiers (low, medium & high).
    • Repayment through a post-launch revenue share, with terms adapted for each brand.
    • Reinvestment dependent on growth.
  2. Consultancy
    • Definition & roadmapping of business objectives (OKRs)
    • Identification of marketing channel mix for growth
    • Creation of Digital Marketing strategies and content calendars
  3. Execution
    • Website UX & UI Design, Development & Analytics
    • Digital Marketing support (SEO, Paid Media, Email & Social)
    • Quarterly Strategy and performance Reviews
    • Iterative and flexible approach that focuses on practical growth and strategy

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Key Benefits of the Programme

  • Funding, consultancy and execution provided under one roof by the leading growth partner for luxury brands 
  • An adaptive and innovative digital strategy, combined with industry-leading design & execution, helping your brand stand out from the crowd and differentiate from competitors  
  • A dedicated and responsive project team that serves as an extension to your own, resulting in time saving and allowing you to focus on your brand’s vision and purpose 
  • Access to a highly-skilled team of digital practitioners across Strategy, Design, Technology and Marketing, with years of cumulative experience in the luxury and premium sectors

Application Criteria for New Business Loans

To qualify for the Commerce Catalyst Programme, you must be a young eCommerce brand (under 10 years) with a minimum of £10k monthly revenue and demonstrable traction with your target audience.

Application Process

  • Initial Qualification: Our team review your application to see if your brand meets the base requirements for the programme 
  • Introduction Call: A one-hour introduction call to learn more about your brand, business and people, and how the Commerce Catalyst funding could benefit your growth
  • Discovery Meeting & OKRs Definition: A two-hour session with our subject matter experts to dive deeper into your short-medium term business objectives (OKRs) 
  • Projections & Investment Options: We create realistic online revenue projections based on three levels of funding, and a Scope of Work to achieve your targets 
  • Scope Definition & Funding Terms: Finalisation of services to be provided and finer details of the investment

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    • What are the marketing costs for small businesses in the luxury sector?

      For any new business, whether it is in fashion eCommerce or travel and hospitality, getting your brand in front of relevant audiences is a significant challenge and often requires significant investment. Through commerce catalyst Diffusion will ensure your digital setup is sound, before creating a marketing plan that will help your business achieve short and long term. Costs vary depending on the sector but get in touch with one of our team to kickstart your business’s digital presence.

    • Do you provide new business loans for companies affected by the Corona virus pandemic?

      Diffusion’s Commerce Catalyst supports all fast growing new businesses, whether they have been hit by Coronavirus or have been born out of it. Different strategies will be applied based on each business’s unique circumstances and one of our team will be able to provide more insights on this so please get in touch.

    • Do you only provide new business loans for companies in the UK?

      Diffusion is delighted to work with an international portfolio of clients, whether they are based out of the UK or their audiences cross borders.



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