UX / UI Design

The design of industry-leading digital experiences is at the heart of what we do at Diffusion Digital. With over 5 years’ experience designing websites that build brand impact and convert new customers, our team of talented UX/UI Designers will create impactful experiences that deliver against your business objectives.

We understand that the devil is in the detail and, as such, we strive to design exceptional websites with memorable experiences that your users will remember and they keep coming back.

We are experts in truly responsive web design and our goal is to tailor UX & UI to work seamlessly across different devices and platforms.


Every website project begins with an immersive Discovery Phase that allows our team to get to know your brand, users and objectives. No work begins until we understand where you’re going as a business, and how your new website needs to work to achieve this goal.

Moving forward from Discovery, you can expect a typical UX / UI Design project to include:

  • Creative Concepts – we deliver two creative routes to choose from, ‘Evolution‘, which builds on your existing brand guidelines to create an uplifted look and feel, and ‘Revolution’, which pushes the boundaries of your brand.
  • Wireframing – our UX team will map out the structure and content hierarchy, making sure that journeys deliver against the personas defined during Discovery.
  • Responsive UI Design – Our skilled UI Designers take the Wireframes and apply the agreed Creative Concepts across all breakpoints (Desktop, Tablet & Mobile).
  • Animation Development – Animations and interactions are always researched, considered and agreed before beginning development, based on industry best practice and current design trends.

Our process is designed to be collaborative, both internally and externally, ensuring that all Stakeholders have ample opportunity to feed back and make sure the creative output is best-in-class for their industry.


Surveys suggest that negativity bias manifests itself in a similar fashion online and that a single design or usability flaw or error will be remembered over any positive features, no matter how small. We create seamless, impactful experiences that leave your users wanting more.

  • Responsive design is more than just designing and developing a website that transfers across all devices and platforms. User Experience is one of our core values at Diffusion Digital. We put a great deal of thought into how our users will interact with the site and then we make it as easy as possible for them no navigate easily around the content.
  • Navigation is critical, especially around mobile. By using a variety of menus — from hamburger styles to drop-downs to simple expand or collapse fields — we design intuitive pages where the key information is easy to find the page remains clutter free.
  • Gestures are an easy way of navigating around mobile sites. Swiping or using the pinch ones fingers on the screen empowers the user and encourages them to interact and read the content.
  • Google recognises responsive web design and mobile optimised sites are ranked highly on search engine results pages.

Our team of experienced web designers and developers understand how to set up a mobile friendly websites that will boost customer interest, user activity and ultimately sales revenue. Contact our expert team to get the ball rolling on developing your new, optimised website.


Do you work with brands in other countries?

Diffusion Digital has been fortunate enough to work with brands all over the world. Through our sister agency, Matter of Form, we have offices in San Francisco, New York and Hong Kong.

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