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Shopify Overview

Shopify is a global leader in eCommerce, boasting over 1.59m business users generating a gross sales volume of $135 billion.

Its intuitive CMS layout and user-friendly design has given thousands of SMEs and larger businesses the opportunity to seamlessly transfer their products online.

With powerful accessories and integrations, such as linking your store to Pinterest and Amazon, your brand will receive unparalleled exposure resulting in more leads and resultantly more conversions; in other words, greater sales.

From an online marketing perspective, Shopify allows you to optimise your content in order to rank highly in search engines. This allows you to organically boost your brand’s exposure online.

Shopify’s customer support experts are always on standby ensuring peace-of-mind, should you have any queries or niggles.

However, are you looking for something to break the mould and really stand out? This is where a specialist Shopify developer like Diffusion Digital comes in.

  1. Best for new eCommerce businesses with occasional in-person sales
    • Online store
    • Unlimited products
    • x2 staff accounts
    • 24/7 cupport
    • Sales channels
    • Inventory locations
    • Abandoned cart recovery
    • Gift cards
    • Shopify POS
    • Multi country sales
    • Multiple language setup
  1. Best for growing businesses selling online or in-store
    • All of Basic
    • 5 staff accounts
    • 5 inventory locations
    • Standard reporting
    • International domains
    • International pricing
  1. Best for scaling businesses that require advanced reporting
    • All of Basic
    • 15 staff accounts
    • 8 inventory locations
    • Advanced reporting
    • International pricing (per variant pricing)

Shopify PLUS (Min.$2k/month)

Enterprise-grade solutions for high-volume merchants, and large businesses.

This is an enteprise solution that will not only help you sell products, but manage your whole business as well.


The Power To Sell More, Quickly


  • Up to 18% higher conversion with Shop Pay and a 60% faster checkout
  • Future-proof you webesite with built-in features including AR, video, and 3D media that you can introduce on to all product pages
  • Shopify Plus gives you the ability to deliver localised shopping experiences across multiple stores, currencies, and languages, for B2B and DTC
  • Custom checkout experiences that allow you to apply advanced discounts and shipping rates.


Manage the business, not just the store.


  • The power to manage all your stores, staff accounts, and automated workflows from your Shopify admin
  • Automated complex processes across your campaigns, and discounts
  • Reduce the cost of doing your taxes, and charge up-to-date rates with Avalara tax automation


Seamless Integration for Faster Growth


  • Rapid integration across your tech stack and tools allows you to get up and selling fast
  • We can migrate all of your existing customer, product, and order data into your Shopify store

Why should you choose Diffusion as your Shopify Partner and Development Agency?

Diffusion Digital is a Shopify website developer located in the heart of London’s digital hub in Shoreditch, that specialises in developing unique, completely bespoke, Shopify websites.

Our team of Shopify experts have considerable experience creating customised sites. We can redesign your current website, or build it from the ground up, giving you a completely customised design that will propel your brand to the forefront of your industry.

Our designers work alongside our developers from the outset enhancing the powerful animations and interactions that come as standard in order that they fit with your brand more cohesively.

“Our objective is to bring your brand to life online, giving it an identity that will make a lasting, positive impression on your customer.” Will Wigram


Diffusion Digital takes the time to truly understand our clients’ brands and in particular; what sets them apart from their competitors. By doing this we ensure we produce a bespoke site that will deliver your brand’s unique message across all platforms, so whatever device your customers use — be it mobile, tablet or desktop — they will always be able to seamlessly access your site.

Whilst Shopify is easy to use, there are constant updates and as a leading Shopify developer, Digital Diffusion stays up-to-date with all the latest developments to the platform, allowing you to concentrate on your brand and product development.

By continuing the relationship post-build/launch we have a number of retainers, we will set aside an agreed amount of hours per week or month to ensure your website is operating to the maximum.

Diffusion Digital is an award-winning, London-based, Shopify development agency ready to provide you with the creative insight your business needs to stand out online.

We will help you increase your exposure online by creating unique and engaging designs, regardless of your company’s size. We take enormous pride in our client’s brands and have a genuine desire to propel them forwards.

Get in Touch and let us know a bit about your project and we’ll arrange a time for one of our Shopify experts to have a chat through your project, requirements and objectives.

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What Shopify Plan is Best Suited To Your Needs?

Shopify offers plans that cater to all business models, whether you are starting out on your eCommerce journey, or you are already well established and looking to scale up quickly.

As a recognised Shopify partner, our design agency can offer you specialised advice as to which plan suits your business interests best. We can then provide you with a highly optimised platform that will help to achieve your goals.

Commerce Catalyst

Are you an ambitious eCommerce brand looking for some support?

The Commerce Catalyst programme might be exactly what you’re looking for. Check out our eCommerce growth initiative where we provide the capital and expertise to help you grow. Fill out the form below and a member of our Shopify team will be in touch with you.

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    Shopify FAQs

    • What is the difference between Shopify and Shopify PLUS?

      • Theme customisation options.
      • Checkout customisation.
      • Integrations.
      • Analytics options.
      • Internationalisation.
    • Are there any alternatives to Shopify?

      There are several common eCommerce solutions suitable for providing you with a platform to host your online score. Which one you choose to go with largely depends on the number and type of products, to internationalisation and funcionality. From WooCommerce to Magento there many eCommerce solutions however Shopify is a global leader for off-the-shelf and custom stores and there are few limitations associated with it as a SaaS technology.

    • What should be considered when selecting a Shopify Agency?

      Fundamentally it comes down to experience vs cost. Prices between Shopify design or development agencies fluctuate and the best thing to do is get a few quotes for your projects before selecting your preferred option.

    • Do you work with eCommerce clients outside of the UK?

      Diffusion has built Shopify and Shopify Plus websites for clients all over the US, Asia and Europe. Whilst we’re a London-based Shopify agency, we adapt our schedules to meet with our clients requirements.

    Data & Analytics

    Data & Analytics