10 Tips for Continued eCommerce Success

We all know every new customer to your e-commerce site is a potential new sale, and therefore very important, but what about the customers you already have? Aren’t these customers just as valuable? These customers have already shown an interest in your brand, bought your product(s), and have an experience of the brand first hand. It is these customers that are ultimately a great resource helping you to continue to maintain your sales through repeat orders. If you’re despairing at how to increase repeat orders though, panic not; we’ve culminated a list of 10 top tips to help you with this predicament!

Send a discount code
Discount codes are wonderful enticing deals that often sway customers to purchase product(s). They allow the user to feel persuaded that the cost for the purchase is less than otherwise, and therefore worth the order. Research has found that the discount that brings the most repeat orders are Shipping ones.

Remember birthdays
Using your mailing list and customer information, it is a simple set up to remember customer birthdays and offering a special deal. This immediately makes the customer feel special and valued, not part of a bulk offer, and can encourage repeat order(s). If the customer has the deal from you about their birthday, this can also prompt them to pass on the word to their nearest and dearest to buy from you, showing your brand and product to them too. A double win!

Ask for feedback
Although this does not necessarily look like an obvious way to gain repeat orders, asking customers for feedback implies that you care about them and respect their views. This will allow customers to provide tips and suggestions about the product or service and if you make note and improve on those areas, customers are more likely to have an enjoyable experience and wish to make repeat orders.

Thank you notes
Adding a personal touch to each order, such as individual thank you notes, will show the human side of your brand leaving a good final experience from the order. If customers are left with a good experience, then they will be more apt to repeat the order and go back to your brand.

Emails for specific products your customer might like based on previous items
Using your customer list, you can promote similar products to the one(s) your previous customers have bought. This allows you to target customers who have not only shown an interest in a previous product, but also tailor and raise awareness of what else they may wish to buy as a repeat order.

Personalised onsite messages using cookies for return visitors
This is a good one, allowing you to update messages to return visitors encouraging purchasing. This could be via a discount offer, or just a friendly message welcoming them back to the site. Either way, the customer will feel valued and more willing to enter a repeat order.

Set and beat customer expectations
Under promise and over deliver – this can make an enormous difference to customers and their expectations. If customers get a good delivery experience, ahead of the expected date, and good communication updates on the progress, this provides a great impression. If customers know what to expect, they are much more likely to return. The same goes for packaging too – good packaging will go a long way leaving the client impressed and eager for repeat orders.

Offer free/easy returns
On a similar vein, if you offer free or easy returns then customers will be more attracted to purchase products. Although this may not necessarily seem the most obvious way to increase repeat orders, customers will often purchase more products than they originally wanted just to make use of the free/easy returns policy. This will inevitably end up with some customers finding further products they wish to keep and therefore update and increase your repeat orders.

Persuade users to register
Making the whole checkout process easier for users who have previously registered, for example by saving delivery and card details, will ultimately only help with repeat orders. The smoother, easier and faster the checkout the process, customer will wish to repeat. As we all know, convenience is king.

Implement right place, right time product emails
Finally, it only makes sense to know if your product lasts for 3 months, that you should be sending a reminder email in a timely fashion to help customers purchase their next order of it. This should allow an easy link for customers to reach the product and how to purchase it again. Again, the easier the process, the happier the customer, the more likely repeat orders will occur.

Essentially the strategy to repeat orders is ultimately to improve customer relationship with your brand and showing your customers you care about them. If you would like to discuss further how to increase your repeat orders, then please do definitely be in touch with us at Diffusion Digital.


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