Some of our favourite Shopify sites so far this year

Check out a small selection of some of the best examples out there at the moment, from a visual and functional point of view.

You might recognise a couple of ours on the list ūüėČ



JM & Sons

This site boasts some beautiful imagery, it has a delicate and clean design and is brought to life through the use of some slick interaction development.

Mary Katrantzou

A striking site that cleverly connects the campaign and editorial content with the shop to give more prominence to eCommerce side of the business.


This site features a visual top navigation that gets you to your chosen product in a simple, pleasing fashion. The product pages are well set out combining content areas with product info which add value to offering.

Au Lit Fine Linens

By far the most complex offering of this list, with a large product line and multiple variables, showcasing the capability of Shopify. Also offers multi-currency checkout.



An effective, modern and simple design to reflect the product offering.


A scattering of well-placed interactions and animations bring the playfulness of the brand to the surface nicely. 



Pulbrook & Gould

The check out features a fairly complex set of shipping options, to offer different rates based on London postcode, day/time of week and weight of order.


A flowing campaign site that takes you on a journey of brand discovery and exploration.