The Brief

Kisawa Sanctuary is a new luxury retreat based on the secluded Benguerra island of Mozambique. As a completely new business, we were responsible for designing Kisawa’s website in advance of their opening in Summer 2020. The design needed to reflect the peace and luxury of the resort, whilst bringing aspects of their focus on environmental design into the website’s colour scheme and imagery.


Kisawa Sanctuary

Project date

March 2020


Hospitality · Luxury Travel · Wordpress

The Client

Kisawa Sanctuary aims to blend luxury travel with nature, environmental conservation and cultural design. Each of their 12 bungalows sits secluded on an acre of private land next to the Benguerra island beaches, ensuring total freedom and immersion in the landscape of the island. 

Working with local artists, Kisawa’s 3D printed bungalows blend into the landscape and culture of Mozambique, with the principal goal of leaving as little environmental footprint as possible. They work in partnership with the non-profit Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies that looks to conserve the vast ecosystem of marine and island life on Benguerra island. 

Imagery and Design

With the resort still in construction, we faced the challenge of launching a website that had very few photographs of the resort itself. We therefore needed to turn to innovative ways of reflecting the beauty and tone of the resort through the website’s design itself, using natural and abstract imagery. 


The website’s colour scheme uses neutral colours to convey the resort’s emphasis on island nature and environment. The sandy colours used throughout the website provide a snapshot of the beautiful beaches of Benguerra island. Across the website, nature is at the forefront of the images that are used, with striking photographs of Benguerra island’s beaches and forest on every page.

Integration With RMS Cloud

Whilst it is in many ways a simple website, Kisawa were keen to offer a completely customised online experience. We therefore undertook the complex integration of the website with RMS Cloud’s API to create a booking flow with a wholly bespoke design and rules. 


The result is a booking flow that seamlessly blends in with the rest of the website, giving Kisawa the flexibility to determine how users engage with their bungalows and additional services throughout the booking process.